Doctors Appointment was today :)

Today was my 3 month doctors appointment, and it went very well!
I havent grown much in height wise, still at 5"6 1/2 :slight_smile:
Although, when they weighed me, i guess i lost 5 pounds since my last visit. I was pretty suprised, because i thought i would have gained weight since ive been snacking alot, and having less of balanced meals. So, my dietition recomended that i start to use some instant breakfast stuff, like that has calcium and stuff?
Oh well, its not like im trying to lose the weight.
I also got my A1c done, but i dont know what it is yet.
I was so proud of myself, though, because i didnt even flinch when i got it done! :slight_smile:
Last time, a lab student was doing it, and i held my breath (i have no clue why) but she took forever!
So, I almost passed out :slight_smile:
But anyways, uhmmm, im kinda losing my train of thought.

Glad to hear that all went well :slight_smile: Let us know if you try the breakfast stuff… I was never convinced that these instant breakfast things were actually healthy!! So I would love your feedback.

Hope that the A1c will be AWESOME… again!

Hi Carly,
I am glad your doctor’s appointment went well. And I hope your A1C is good too. I had to laugh about the student drawing your blood. My veins are pretty hard to find and when i go into the lab everyone tries to trade me off to the next person. It was explained to me that if they don’t hit me on the first try, it messes up their score for the day. I sure wouldn’t want that to happen. But I would love to know what the instant stuff is like.

good job. When they do my AIC, its just a finger poke. Its one of those meters that can do both blood sugar and AIC, so I dont even have to wait on the result.