Just Got done with training pod (saline)... I love the OmniPod!

Just finished the “training” using saline and get started officially on Friday! I love the OmniPod…

Here are the reasons...

1. No pain!
2. Can sleep in.
3. keeps my records of BG and Insulin
4. no more needles!

The countdown begins... 8 more shots!

Thanks to all of you who posted saying how much they loved theirs...

Good luck! It sounds like you’re already “hooked” (and you haven’t even started w/ insulin yet!). Hope the countdown to Friday goes by quickly for you, and enjoy podding!

thanks! me too!

Because you are starting on a Friday, make sure you have a way to contact your doctor or CDE over the weekend in case your initial settings are wrong. Mine were wrong, I didn’t have a way to contact my medical team and I didn’t have the confidence to change my settings myself so I was miserable because I kept going hypoglycemic.

I love my pod; my life is so much better with it.


Congratulations and good luck… it just gets better. :slight_smile:

That is a very good point! Thanks for point this out!! That could be very bad!!!

Wonderful! Good luck!

Yea!! Keep us posted (pun intended) on your progress.

Congrats!! I just started myself, put my 5th Pod on this morning and enjoying it!! Have had some great success already, just downloaded my first 11 days on the pod and after 69 readings avg’d a 101…no more multiple shots a day and better control. Best of Luck to you and if you want to keep some really cool records download the Co-pilot software and the add on from Insulet so that you can down load your PDM into Co-pilot. It’s a great way to track your success and spot problem areas! Enjoy your new freedom…I sure did…Take care ~Schmutz

Like Schmutz does, I download my PDM into CoPilot. I like to have as many of my records in one place as I can (Dexcom CGM is still separate), so after I download I edit the carb records to include what I ate. I also check what timeframe was assigned (pre-breakfast, post-breakfast, etc.) and edit it if necessary. (The carb downloaded data show total carbs with a description of n/a and a timeframe based on my user profile.)

The only report I have found that includes the cab details is the Diary List report. I find that it is too detailed to be useful, so I export it to Excel and clean it up there.

Enjoy the pod, only four days to go!

The other nice thing about the co-pilot is that the endo or cde can be permissioned to access the information. It is nice not to have to go through my previous Monday morning ritual of faxing my daughters weekly report to her endo.

I can send my co-pilot data to my Endo? How does that work?

There are a couple of ways. It sounds like Larry D is using the CoPilot Host method. Your Endo has to have Co-Pilot installed on a computer in his/her office.

  • Set an account on the Co-Pilot Host
  • Invite the HCP to share your data
  • Syncronize your data with the host periodically
  • Your HCP syncronizes and gets your up-to-date data

The other way is to create a report on your computer and then choose:
>>E-Mail Report To…
Co-Pilot opens your default mail client with the report attached as a PDF. Fill in your HCP’s email address and send the email.

I currently don’t use either of these. My endo is old school and my CDE’s PC is so old that she is afraid to install Co-Pilot and make it crash.

Brad was right. I use the Co Pilot Host method. After syncing, I simply send an email to the endo’s cde which alerts her that new infomation is posted.

Enjoy. The more you get into your pod, the more you will find. Pretty soon you will be saying…“did you know?”

Let us know your thoughts in a few weeks. You are in for a great and fantastic surprises.

I just got done meeting with the rep for OmniPod and liked everything I saw. I hope to be Podding along soon myself. The Minimed rep had called soon after my meeting with OmniPod and tried her best to talk me out of the Pod…No deal. I’m looking forward to being free of tubes

you are gonna love it! good choice! I am just getting used to pumping… Much better than MDI… So much more finite control of everything…

I just need to learn how to count carbs better!!!

Er, uh…me too. LOL I keep my A1c around 6.1 to 6.5… still, I could improve. I treat it like a hobby…