Omnipod Starter Kit

...has arrived! A huge box filled with goodies! I will attend my training next Wednesday with my diabetes educator and the trainer from Omnipod and am anxious to get started.

My diabetes educator wants me to do three days on saline first to get used to the PDM but how can that be? If there is only saline in there, what is she having me do? Give doses of saline?

Thanks everyone, I am SURE I will have lots of questions when I truly get started.

But what is with the carrying case - awful!

Yes, while still being on your regular shots or using your old pump. I suppose it gets you used to the system. I did not do the saline, just jumped right in without missing a beat. Good luck, I love the pod and it works great for me.

My daughter’s CDE also insisted on a saline start and it quickly became clear to me that she would NOT be amenable to any other approach. So we nodded and smiled, put a Pod filled with saline on my daughter, and left her office. And immediately filled another Pod with insulin in the car before going home, hooked up, and never looked back.

It’s YOUR body, so do what YOU feel comfortable doing!

And good luck with the OmniPod; we LOVE ours!!!

That's too funny! Even though I'm a first time pumper I think I can get the swing of it quickly, done research and am open to experimentation.

I'm going to take your advice, and you are right - it is MY body!