Just home from hospital

I am home, a bit shaky, after a smooth operation to remove a parathyroid gland, and despite copious nausea after the op. And too I have survived 2 days of nothing but bread to eat! It started with being allowed tea and toast between 6am and 7am yesterday pre-op, which was scheduled for the afternoon. Eventually I came round enough to be able to nibble at, yes, a sandwich! Breakfast was great, really great for a diabetic, cereal, toast, prunes and orange juice. And for lunch today I had yet another sandwich. But I am alive and surprisingly my bsgs are relatively low and although a bit shaky I am so looking forward to real food tonight. I am pleased too that the calcium in my blood seems to have reduced, a sure sign that everything is on the mend.

My little poodle, Renae, was so pleased to see me home, it must be hard to be a little rescued dog and have your new owner disappear for so long, even though my daughter puppy-sat for me.

She loves you. Doggies are very special creatures who form a bond with us and sitters, however well-intentioned, are never quite the same.

I’m so glad that you’re doing OK. I look forward to hearing of a FULL recovery. Take care of yourself, OK?

Welcome home I´m happy you made it Ok and the intervention went well :wink:

Its curious I read your tweet from South America just as you sent it .Have a nap today :wink:

Hi Pastelpainter, It’s welcome news that you’re back home and ready for real food again after your successful (thank goodness!) operation and hospital stay. By the time you’re fully recovered, maybe Renae will have learned to be a therapy dog! Best wishes.

Glad to hear the surgery went well and that you’re back at home recovering!

Thanks for all your good wishes. Haha, Renae a therapy dog!!! She is very pleased to have her lap back home, my daughter’s lap is not as good as mine, Renae sat by her side glowering at her because she was the wrong person. Domingo, the internet is a strange and wonderful tool, isn’t it, how odd we all talk together from different corners of the world! And yes, I did have a nap, crashed out for a couple of hours.