Welcome Home Catlover

About nine weeks ago I had an operation. I could not believe the outpouring of support that I received from everyone here. I am still overwhelmed by the kindness. I was only in the hospital for five days, and that seemed like forever. I could not wait to fly out of that hospital as fast as I could. I came home to more cards, and letters, and that really helped me to keep motivated. During the operation my lung was punctured and I developed pneumonia. Now I am on the mend. I just got my bike tires blown up today and I am going to take my first ride.

There is another person that went in the hospital for major surgery a few days after me. She never expected to be there over fifty days, and what she went through makes me feel like I was taking a walk in the park. A little while ago we got the news ~ She is finally home at last. She is settling in now and has work to do with the help of her husband, operating health equipment, doing physical therapy and recovering, plus the diabetes too.

I would like everyone to welcome Catlover (Susan) home and to wish her comfort and a peaceful recovery. Susan loves her cats, and also loves giraffes. Stop by and say hi on her page, or leave a message here.


Welcome home, catlover, and it's good to see you posting here again.