Just Joined

Thank you so much for the warm welcomes. I am really excited to be a part of this site. To know there are other people like me and who want to talk to each other about it.

I've had Type I for 30yrs. I was 22 at the time and dating my now husband (27 yrs). We have two children (26 and 23).

Was diagnosed with Grave's disease (hyperthyroidism) four yrs ago, received radio active iodine and am now hypothyroid. My Endo said it was no big deal...WRONG. Having both diabetes and hypothyroidism is exhausting.

I've seen a lot of changes in diabetes care over the yrs. Still have my CPI Betatron II pump from 1985 and my first Glucometer!

I've always had large swings in my BS. Drs. have always told me it must be due to stress and to avoid it as much as possible...!!??!! (I thought it was due to type I diabetes!)

Thank you all so much again.

Welcome to the community Cyrise. Glad to see you here.
Stress can indeed make our bs swing like crazy…then again…who can really avoid them?
Hope youll find the site most informative and supportive… and, I do hope you will have fun too =)


Welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome.

Welcome Cyrise! Yes there have been lots of changes in the Diabetes field. I was dxed 51 years ago and marvel at how far we have come (but still no cure). But while waiting for a cure I’ll take advantage of what is available now to help manage.

Hello and welcome!

Yes, stress can definitely impact your bg readings! So do take care when you’re having that difficult day (I do breathing excersizes and try to take it one day at a time – my career is stress driven, and people think I’m crazy, but I love my job!!).

Anyway, you’ll get alot out of this site! From support to gaining more knowledge, talking to others that understand… this site is my savior and I love it! =)

Have a wonderful evening and take care!

Welcome, Cyrise. What a beautiful name. Glad you found us!

I’ve got Hashimoto’s, so am a hypothyroid Type 1 sister. There are others here also with both.

Don’t be shy about joining in discussions, or feel free to start one.

Glad your with us! Welcome!

Welcome, Cyrise. There are a lot of kindred spirits here. I was diagnosed 26 years ago and have hypothyoidism. You will find a good deal of useful info at this site.


Welcome! I know about those changes! I took Type 1 in 73! Hope you love it here as much as I do!!!

Thank you Terry, I am still trying to figure out the site. So far have found a lot of good info. Just reading knowing there are other people who know exactly how it is has been amazing to me since I have never had that before. Ya know, someone who… REALLY… knows what it’s like.

Thank you Doris, so you were there too, before blood sugar testing and synthetic insulin. I would love to hear a lot about when you were first diagnosed. Thanks for replying.

Thank you for the welcome!

I left a little of my day of diagnoses on your page but went over the charaters to tell you! I’ll tell you more about the lovely life back then in a pm.

Hi Cyrise,
Welcome! I have type 1 and Hashimoto’s too. You’ll find alot of good information here, and lots of love and support too!

I’d love to see a picture of that pump and meter!

marie, type1 for 42 years

Hi Marie, it will take me some time but I would love to. I have the cases and even the billing for the pump. I’m not really technically inclined. My husband put my photo on for me. I have never even taken a pic of the old pump so I need to do that first I guess. I might be slow but I’ll get there.