Just starting to run after diagnosis

I was diagnosed less than a year ago. I have decided that I would like to be more active. As part of that I am starting to train for a 1/2 marathon, and eventually a full marathon. I was wondering if anybody could give me tips from experiance on both running and running while managing my diabetes. I currently using pens, thinking about going to a pump (If that matters). Thank you in advance.

Pump would depend on a recommendation from your doctor and agreement from your insurance company. I can tell you that I was approved due to many swings. No single work day is exactly the same for me so it is difficult to manage with pens. I got my pump about two months ago and have never said "I love having something stuck to me!" but acknowledge that I couldn't live healthy without the benefits. As far as half-marathon training goes, check out Hal Higdon's training plans on-line. You'll find what works best for you with carb intake through food and gels while running. Good luck!

Hi VAMike,
I have been a T1 diabetic for 38 years but only have started to run. Well, jog. I have had the Omnipod pump for a year. It is my first pump and I love it. You should check into pumps and find one that fits your lifestyle and pocketbook.

I went to the dietician at the endos office last week, who happens to be a runner, and she gave me lots of advice for training for a 5K at the end of January and a 1/2 at the end of October. I agree with rossm - I have found Hal Higdons website to be very helpful. The internet is a wonderful tool. I also have the Complete Idiots Guide to Running from the library as well as a few other runners books. I joined the local running group and have been with them every Sunday morning.

I find that my blood sugar has to be between 160-180 before I start out doing any exercise. Otherwise I drop too low. I eat one of the 100 calorie 19 carb "granola" bars....like Quaker makes. Any will do. I also wear a belt that keeps my testing supplies, glucose tabs, nutrition bars and quick energy jelly beans. I love the jelly beans before I go running. I have only run 3 miles at a time and I haven't needed anything to eat but the longer runs I know that I will.

Do you live in VA? I know that my sister is running the Shamrock 1/2 marathon and the Rock n Roll 1/2 later this year. I hope to visit her and run with her the Shamrock in 2013.

I wish you the best with your diabetes and your running. This site has been a whole lot of help for me, Everyone seems eager to help.

Enjoy your day,

I can't imagine running without a pump. In fact, for the 1+ year that I was on MDI, I hardly did any physical activity because there was never any rhyme or reason to my blood sugars, and I didn't want to add another variable that would screw with them.

I love Hal Higdon's site, it's great for the running aspect. I recommend looking at "Diabetic Athlete's Handbook" for more information about how to control blood sugars when involved in many sports. It looks into control when pumping, when using MDI, as well as when using oral medications only (not really an issue for the type 1s, but still, it's in there).

First off, congrats on making the decision to run, and to train for a race. I just completed my 12th half marathon on Saturday. (thanks to Hal Higdon's training plan) I started pumping in January and it really has helped me to manage my lows better. I have the OmniPod, no tubing is what sold me on that brand.

That being said, there is quite a learning curve involved, I too strive for a reading above 140 before I start out on a run, and for longer runs I hydrate with G2 and have a GU every 4-6 miles. I am very insulin sensitive, so I have found a basal reduction of 80% works for me. Everyone is different, you figure these things out by trial and error.

Also be aware that running will cause your body to use your insulin more effeciently for a while after your run, sometimes up to 24 hours later. It's a good thing!! Good luck to you!!

I ran using pen technology for over 5 years and just started using the Omnipod (two months now). Best thing I can suggest is to get a GPS training watch (nike or Garmin) to help you keep track of your calories, as well as all the other training information you'll want to keep track of as you run off into the future. I find it helps me know when to take in some extra carbs as I run. I run in Canada, and go with the run 10 min then walk 1 min routine. I don't like using the tablets (can choke on the little pieces that seem to find a hiding place in the back of my mouth), same with the jelly beans and blocks. I find the gels diluted in water and placed in a gel bottle to be the best. No worries about ripping open gel packages and having gel all over the place let alone wondering what to do with the empty package. I take a mouth full every ten minutes starting at the 40 minute mark. Has worked well for me. I found my BG would start in the 7 range and not drop much below 4.5 (remember, we use the metric system in Canada-- I think that it matches approx 120 high to a 70 low for you?)

Now that I am on the Omnipod, I've been working up slowly in my distance. I suspend my pump for 1.5 hours and it has been working very well for me. As I progress in distance, I will continue to use the suspend method but for a longer duration. If the BG creeps up, I'll plan for a running basal rate program to inject a bit of insulin should I need it. Time will tell.

I'm not a fast runner, a 2 hr 20 min half marathon finisher at 55 years of age and type 1 for 45 of those years. One thing I can truly say is that since being on the pump, my strength and speed has increased. I am able to keep up with the younger runners!

Haven't had troubles with sweating off the pod yet, but we've had a rather cool spring and summer so far this year. Time will tell on how well I can keep my pod attached.

For those empty and sticky gel packets I keep them in a sandwich baggie and dispose of that when I find a garbage can. Works like a charm!

How is the training going? Have you gotten in a half marathon? Have you been able to manage your BG while training? Have you switched to a pump? I run with a pump and can only comment on how that works…which it works well for me. Good luck. Keep running.