Transition to pump?

Hi, about to transition to Omnipod from shots - any tips? Thanks!

The biggest thing is that you will have much finer-grained control over your insulin dosage. Once you get your basal rate dialed in, everything is pretty much a short-term (for some values of short) reaction to food and exercise.

I saw you other post about running with the switch in therapies. I started running again last year after taking a decade or so off because my BG kept crashing every time I ran back when I was on shots. No fun at all. Once I started back, I found that although the running did affect by BG, it was much easier to manage because I had no more than 15 minutes or so before my changes would take effect. Too low during a 10 miler? Take some carbs and/or suspend insulin delivery, depending on how low. I was recently able to do a half-marathon without touching any carbs outside of some watered-down Powerade during the race, just because my basal was a know quantity and I fueled a little before the race. I went off with a BG around 150 and finished at 77.

The best tip I can give is to figure out what your basal rate is in the absence of anything special, get that dialed in with a day's fast/no exercise regimen, and then build from there. I can say I wouldn't be running today if it weren't for the pump, and the OmniPod is a great device. I will say that the one time I lost adhesion on the Pod was out for a long run in the rain. My running shirt was sticking to my body and the up-down motion of my stride gradually worked it loose from my wet skin. Just something to watch.

Good luck!

Superb, thank you for the tips! I have to consume 1 gu energy gel for every 5-7 miles I run. I’m looking
forward to getting going on the pump!

I carry the Gu chews, too, just in case, but I was surprised that I didn't really need it during the Half Marathon at all, but they are certainly something I would not cross the start line without. Running around my neighborhood, though, I generally don't bother unless I'm going 10 or more miles. Your mileage, and carb needs, may vary.

I'm just starting on the pod - it's been one week. My only suggestion is carry some tape with you in case it starts to come off. I don't think it's that much of an issue for normal users but running and sweating might make the default adhesive come off.

Cool thanks. How’s the transition been?

Unfortunately I was just getting over a stomach flu when I started so I was off my normal levels. At this point I'm sticking with my initial numbers until I get a little more data to work with. I'm still mostly under 9 or 10 with a couple lower spots during the day. I have a feeling it might take a few weeks to get where I was but I can already see how all the useful features like different I:C ratios and basal rates will take me to better control than I've ever had. Overall I'm very pleased.

I just did that a few months ago.... biggest Tip - don`t give up, a pump is a huge learning curve. stick it out for a few months at the very least.

It took 12 months of tweaking my basal rates thru out the day for me to get my a1c down to 7.0. It helped alot when my endo had me where a CGM for three days: that way she was able to fine tune my basals. So I guess I'm saying to have patience!

Oh, one other the PDM when it comes to determining how much bolus you need!