Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself

My name is Rachel and my oldest son Tristan has type 1 diabetes. He was diagnosed at 16 months. He is now 4 1/2 and he has been pumping for about 6 months now. I’m hoping to get to know some people in the same position as me. Nobody in my family and/or husband’s family have diabetes… none of our friends… actually pretty nobody that I know. So at times, it gets very lonely and difficult because we feel like nobody really understands what we are living with and what Tristan is living with on a daily basis… Oh and I also want to say how much I hate this disease!!! :slight_smile: But I’m sure that most of you feel the same way :slight_smile: I look forward to speaking with some of you.

Welcome Rachel…I have two boys and my youngest was also diagnosed 3 years ago at the age of 7. He is also the first one in our family and the only one in school with diabetes. I also worry about my other son. But so far we have been lucky….he is now 12 and no signs of diabetes so far…I joined this site seeking support from others with similar experience. As you mentioned; this disease could be very lonely and nor family or friends really understands what it takes and what we go thru. In fact my family would not care for Ryan because they do not want to deal with diabetes…I do not talk about how I feel with my husband/family/friends, but I wake up every morning hoping for breaking news about a new cure for Type 1 diabetes…. I am sure all parents feel the same…

However, on a positive note…I have noticed that kids deals with this disease better than us…Ryan (my son) sees diabetes as a lifestyle and not a big deal…he understand the consequences, but does think about it…he is very active in sports and he is also doing very well in school…diabetes have not prevented him from doing everything he likes so far…I guess that is why he doesn’t see diabetes as a disability…I have never mentioned to him that there might be limits to what he can do in the future as I want him to fight back and not let diabetes dictate his life and future…but for now, we are taking one step out of time and hoping for the best…

Welcome again and hope to share experiences and learn from it….

Hi Rachel
Welcome. Really sorry that you had to join us, but glad that you found this place. I have learned so much here and everyone is very supportive. My son is 10 and was dx’d Sept. of 07. It has been a huge adjustment for us but all-in-all he is doing very well. Hoping to look into pumping in the very near future.