Just wanted to share a recent drawing that I completed

My diabetes inspired me to draw this and it shows a cartoon figure of me when im down and when i feel diabetes is kicking my but some times,lol .
It may also show a couple things that you may not understand but i will leave your imagination to decide, thats the awesome part of art. Also check out the BG meter on the bottom left of my drawing.

Hope you guys like!!! Hey manny hernandez, you rock my brother!!! thank you for making such an awesome website!!!

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That is an awesome drawing. I think it relays how a lot of people feel with diabetes.

The drawing is awesome Danny. I totally feel it, like I’m sure everyone here has. The frustation, anger, wanting to give up, putting yourself down…I totally know it.

Hey, that was me today! :slight_smile:

(great work, Danny)

that is AMAZING!

Danny, this is amazing… I have been looking it forever… thank you for sharing.
You just inspired me to paint again. I have been few weeks away and so busy.


God bless you, bro!

If you also post it as a photo, we can feature it and people can vote on it and “favorite” it.

Wow, Danny! It’s amazing & moving! Beautiful.

It’s amazing!! and sometimes I feel just like this…

I appreciate your comments every one!!! I wish I had a scanner because the drawing would look so much better, hence this pic was taken with an old camera,lol

I love this, Danny! If someone asked me what a bad day with diabetes felt like, I’d show them this. It’s perfect. Thanks for sharing it, you should draw some more :slight_smile:

thank you!!! and i will!

WAY COOL…Keep drawing, you have a great talent there. Thanks for sharing.

Good work bro! I am working on some art for my new tattoo, I can’t wait to get it!

Sweet art man. It has a great graffiti-esque feel to it. the point definitely comes across. Keep up the great work.

400! Yowza! I know how you feel!

That’s just an amazing work of art…very profound. Thanks for sharing this with us!

WOW! You are a really talented artist. The drawing says it all. I feel like that at 200 . I WOULD HATE TO BE 400 to ME! would feel like dka. Take care . bye:) diabeticidol94

immense talent! thanks for sharing your work.