Need a little love

Hi, I have T2 and I'm new to the forums. I've been very easy on myself lately. I get this way when I get fed up with being so strict, that I lose some control. I have lost some weight and my sugar has been good but then I go on a binge(I think that would be the only way to describe it). It is so frustrating because I think that I FINALLY have things under control and I lose all of it! I know I need to be consistent but I just can't seem to do it. How do people stay motivated all the time?!

I'm in the same boat as you , sweetie !! I always end up 'rewarding' myself when either I loose some weight or my sugar levels are so good . And it doesn't help that my husband and family isn't dieting . So when they go out to eat , I feel like , 'sure , why not? I will just walk an extra mile later .' Later comes rolling around , and then I don't feel like going very far . I think we all should just get on a stranded island together , and just eat right and exercise together ! So we don't have these problems , ahah . But in all reality , I don't know what to tell ya , I'm in the same boat . My counselor told me though , if I eat more then I planned , walk further , or walk and take a short bike ride . Sometimes it's a bit too hard NOT to have an 'extra' little something , just exercise harder ! I know this may not help much , but I tried . :)

Thanks Super_sally. You are living up to your name. I know, but it seems to happen so much. I agree I should plan treats then I won't feel deprived. I am trying to lose weight and things just trigger certain behaviours. Learning is preventing. Thank you for your support! :)

It is especially hard to go out when you are feeling like you can just let it slide. It is just very frustrating feeling like you have no control. Usually I can be strong it is just those weak moments that get to me because it is not only about being good and tasting a tiny bit. I end up overeating! Trying to lose weight is hard. But I've been going strong and steady for about 2 months. I just need to find that motivation again.

I agree. I also look at how things can be worse and appreciate what I do have at the moment. And all the complications scare me as well. I will dust myself off and try again!

I agree. I should change my way of thinking. Thanks for all the hugs:)
I actually don't mind the change. I like healthy food. It is just those weak moments I'm trying to get under control. And I will try the very dark choccies!

take one day at a time one reading at a time if it's good - that great but don't lose focus. it's a bad reading - shake it off and focus on improving the next reading