I was wondering what to use to keep my pump cool in the summer time. I plan on spending alot of time outside this summer and do not want my insulin to get to hot. Just looking for suggestions on what to use besides a sip-lock bag full of ice! All suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

The cheapest is the “FRIO”, a pouch you put your insulin, insulin pump etc. The outer part is soaked in cold water and the beads swell up and hold the cool. You put the water proof pouch inside of the outer swelled up part. They come in different sizes. I checked and there is a “FRIO” insulin pump wallet available. Here’s a link to one website but you can buy these at a lot of places. Cooler Concepts

To be honest, I don’t do anything other then try to keep it out of direct sunlight. For the most part it just hangs on my pants pocket though. (I live in South Texas, and summers get up over 110 F)

Never really had a problem.

Your insulin will get hot in your pump unless you leave it sitting in direct sunlight. If it’s under clothing, in the shade, or you’re moving around, the insulin in your pump will not heat up.

It just won’t. It’s well insulated against the elements.


Texan here too, all I find I have to do is reduce the days I run off the same reservoir, i.e. winter I usually do good with 4 + days, summer no more than 3 - I find my sugars begin to climb and I require more for basal/bolus to keep sugars in control by the end of day 3 and into day 4. At times, if I have been in really hot weather, I wind up changing sites at the end of day 2 or beginning of day 3 to prevent problems. Otherwise, I do not pack my pump in anything while wearing.


Just to echo what others have said, I don’t think you will have a problem unless you have the pump in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

I lived on a sailboat for 5 years, always in warm weather places like the Caribbean (no AC!) and never had a problem. Of course, YMMV!


Beware though of the Frio. The smallest one is pretty large and bulky. I tried it and it was not worth the pain. Usually when I am out in the heat, I clip the pump somewhere that it is not as close to my skil for heat transfer. Otherwise, I have never had a problem with overheated insulin.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions!