Summer Pumping

According to the prescribing information that came with my vials of Novolog,

"Insulin exposed to temperatures higher than 37°C (98.6°F) should be discarded."

When I was on MDI, I would pack my insulin-pens in a lunch bag with an ice-pack.

I now have an insulin pump. I'd like some advice on how to handle being outdoors in the park or at the beach in the summer months when temperatures average 38ºC (100ºF) and above.

Not sure where you are located. I am in New York. We have had hot summers too. But I believe the pump is able to handle what is in the machine and to keep it ad cool ad possible. One thing I do if I know I am going to be outside for a day or so and I need to put new insulin in the cartridge. I only fill to what I need for that time. When I take it off to go swimming I keep it out of the fun and put it on temporary rate for 0. That works for mme. I don’t take it off for long. Always test before and after. The weather for me has never been an issue. Obviously If you take your insulin vial from what you get from the pharmacy then you need to keep that cool. Good luck

Hi Shari,

I'm in New Jersey so we have the same hot humid summers as Manhattan. I'm not concerned with taking the pump off to swim. I can put it in a cooler to keep it out of the sun.

I'm more concerned with being out in the sun while wearing the pump. I may not have a shaded area (I don't sunburn and have no need for being in the shade to protect my skin) and the ambient air temperature will be over 98ºF (closer to 102ºF). What do I do when I am sitting poolside or on a beach towel chatting with my wife? What do I do when I am working out in the garden?

One father of a 14 year old girl told me he reduces her basal during the summer to compensate. But a 14 year old hormonal teenage girl and an over 40 year old man aren't the same and he's not sure how much I should just. Trial and error?

This is my first insulin pump and I keep running into situations that I struggle to find answers to.