Keeping it together! (Pt.2)

If you haven't checked out part 1, you should!

You'll find out that I needed a way to stay more organized... and its true for my pump, dex, and 'treating lows' supplies, just as much as it was for my daily testing supplies.

I needed something that I could grab on the go, when I knew it was going to be time to change sites soon, if I was going to be eating out, or staying over at a friends.

I had this old case around that I used to carry my PSP and games in. I found that I could fit almost everything I would need for a week in the case!

In the bottom compartment, I have a couple infusion sets, a box of test strips, glucose tabs, an extra lancing device and lancets, Meter test solution, a bunch of caps for the infusion sets, Tape, Insulin, a cleaning cloth, and there is plenty of room for the garbage.

Then there is this nice little netting compartment in the middle its perfect for holding the thin stuff like Alcohol Swabs, IV Prep, band-aids, IV3000, etc.

Then hidden in the top compartment, I have a Dexcom Sensor, a spare pump cartridge, an extra meter, a glucagon kit, scissors, extra pump batteries, an extra meter battery, insulin syringes (just in case), and logbooks.

This keeps me ready to run, with a weeks worth of supplies. Stay tuned for part 3 of how I keep things together!