Ugly Diabetes Equipment

Does anyone know where to get attractive monitor cases and pen cases from? i want something discreet, its embarrasing carrying around some of the equipment when i cant be bothered taking a bag.

does anyone know a website to buy nice stuff from?

I had an amazing faux Louis Vuitton case my wife had picked up in Korea. I used it for about 15 or maybe 17 years to lug syringes and insulin around. It's probably still around somewhere. You probably can't get the faux stuff online but it was perfect and quite a conversation piece. I just use the UltraMini meters b/c they are small.

I bought a Nintendo DSLite case and put it all in there. lol Some look like mini back packs, etc... the styles are endless.

I use a small camera case at times, Or just put my meter, test strip vials along with my syringes and insulin in my pocket. But most often lug my bag around.

I never even thought about a DS case, brilliant!

I switch out between A swirl meter case from accu check ( my meter is a one touch ultra link but fits in this case perfectly ) it was $ 3.95 with free shipping great deal and they have different styles too, the other might not work so well for you but for the women I like to use a makeup bag it holds my insulin pens and extra pump supplies and my meter stuff it is great and cute you just have to find one that works for you. just look around on the net type in diabetic supply cases and see what pops up! good luck!

I'm glad you asked :)

Myabtic - Click Here

Me want teal "crocodile" case--love these!

Once I decided I didn't really need strap-down mode for vials, strips, glucose tablets, I realized I could buy just about any small case or bag and stash my betes supplies there. That may be why, at last count, I have 21 various small cases and wristlets. Yes, I admit, I choose a different one every day and it's one little extra bit of satisfaction when I get ready in the morning (pink/magenta/orange paisley shirt today; pink/teal sari-fabric pouch from World Market)!

Some zippered daily planner cases and iPad/iPod-type holders work, too, depending on how much stuff you carry. Maybe we should snap some pix for an online D fashion show?!

Receptacles originally meant for stationery and mobile phones work for me. I did look at specifically designed for diabetes stuff but it wasn't as cute or kooky as the receptacles I found in stationery and phone shops. I don't have to keep insulin cool for long periods of time so I don't have technical issues like that.

My meter, a bunch of strips and pricker go into a mobile-phone sized bag that can carried slung over the body. There's room in there for 15g of carb as well though the last 15g (dark chocolate KitKat - not strictly 'kosher' I know but they work for me) melted and left chocolate streaks on the pricker. It's got a cute kitty on it and the colour is dark blue, specially chosen to minimize obvious bloodstains. I managed to smudge it with a little blood on the second day of using it.

For flying, I have a transparent zip-close bag that a friend picked up for me in a stationery shop, without realizing how ideal it would be for this purpose. It's slightly bigger than half an A4 piece of paper so holds everything I need for trips, plus it's transparent which is helpful for airport security.