Kellogg's changes recipe, adds more sugar to a cereal popular with diabetics

Little rant here - for the past year and a half I've been eating Kellogg's Special K Protein Plus cereal. A serving has only 9 grams of net carbs. I'm fairly carb sensitive in the morning, and this is the only cereal I've found that I can eat without getting a spike.

I bought some at the supermarket last week without noticing the "now tastes even better" on the front. I took my 2 units of Apidra I normally need for the old formula, poured myself a bowl, and immediately noticed it tasted sweeter. I looked at the nutrition facts and noticed they've reduced the fiber, added sugar, and changed the main ingredient from wheat bran to whole grain wheat. In total, it's only 8 more grams of net carbs, and still very low for a cereal. I got out the Apidra pen and took another unit to give it a try. An hour later I tested to see how this one affected me. With the old formula, my blood sugar would stay under 120 at the 1 hour mark and be back under 100 at 2 hours. With this one I was still under 100 at the 2 hour mark, but spiked up to 170 at one hour.

I wrote Kellogg's feedback to complain about the changes. This was in the response:

"While Special K Protein Plus has been popular with many diabetic individuals since it was introduced in 2004, over the years we received feedback from consumers indicating a desire to further enhance the taste. Specifically, consumers found the cereal’s flavor too strong and bitter-tasting."

My solution was always to add a packet of Splenda. Kellogg's solution was to diminish the nutritional profile of a cereal they specifically market to diabetics to a point where it's no longer a good breakfast option for me. I guess I'll go back to cottage cheese :(

Anyone have other recommendations? Anyone else eat this and want to send Kellogg a message?

Reducing the fiber speeds up the absorption of the extra sugars they are adding, so it is a double punch to diabetics.
They are in business to make as much money as they can and to appeal to the largest number of people that they can, If no one likes the taste, then they won't make money on it.
They have 2 choices. either change it or discontinue it.

I am afraid diabetics just do not have enough buying power when it comes to cereal.
I think most of us have just given up on it, me included.

I eat yogurt and fruit.Sometimes I eat a whole grain waffle if I am feeling crazy. I found some that have only 15 grams of carbs and lots of fiber, still I make it a rare treat.

If you can handle steel cut oats, it is a good choice, all the fiber left in tact . I can eat a bowl of it and it is only 30 carbs and they are slow to absorb. It does take some getting used to and really does not taste like regular oatmeal much.

I found that cutting out artificial sweeteners was easier than I thought. You can taste the food better. Even coffee I don't use any sweetener. I think when you eat sugar or artificial sugar it makes you want more of it.

If you want to try an oat product, I suggest 100% oat bran. This is a hot cereal. It cooks much faster than steel cut oats and is a lot creamier.

Hey guys, thanks for the tips. Out of curiosity, has anyone tried one of the cereals on here?