Special K anyone?

OK, anyone know some secret about Special K that it shoots your blood sugar through the roof? I got so frustrated after going high one moring after eating it that I skipped breakfast the next morning, tested my basal rate. The basal rates are all right.

The next day, I changed my bolus to carb ratio, I had special K 1cup 1/2 34grams or carbs, 3/4 cup 1% milk, so 44-45 grams of carbs in total. Blood sugar 2 hours out, 275. WHAT.

Anyone else have this happen with Special K. If you haven’t, let me know and I will send you the other half of the box. :slight_smile:

I have eaten cereal for the last, I dont know, 32 years. I have never had a reaction like this. I have even eaten cinnamon toast crunch and never had a post prandial like this. Maybe there is just a clash with me and Special K.
I also eat from time to time, the dreaded BAGEL. No post prandial like this.

Manuel will go hi with most cereals too, including Special K.

What type of Special K is this? I have the original which is 23g of carbs for 1 cup. Special K is actually one of the only cereals that works for me–most others shoot me way up, but the original Special K has been good!

Hi Sophie,

This is the same regular Special K. Glad to hear you have the same thing happen Heidi. I can definitely live without it, I just had NO IDEA so I was hit out of left field when I was 240 after having it. Thanks everyone for the comments.

Special K Protein Plus is the only cereal I can eat that does not cause me BG spikes. Even Cheerios suck for BG control. Special K Protein Plus has 14g of carb per 3/4 cup and I try to not use alot of milk when I eat it. BG stays under 140 after this cereal, it is great to have cereal again. Try unsweetened almond milk or soy milk in case it is the milk causing you the problems.