Kels mom again

First I would like to say thank you to those who have prayed. Seems some people wanna say its a fake, and I’d like to just clear the air. She isn’t faking it. She did pass out and had been sick. Yes her surgery is minor, but she is having difficulty pulling out of it. She’s gotten some hatful messages… Now that I’ve cleared it up, I’m sure her friends and TuD family would like an update.(:
She had another rough day. Once her sedative and pain meds wore off she was grouchy. She had some ice cream and after 20 min of crying she is back resting peacefully. We will be home for the holidays, but she is staying til Monday. Seems long but she’s having more issues then I could explain. But she will be fine and hopefully she can post tomorrow. Love you guys!
P.S. sorry if I seemed rude just exhausted and can’t believe she was called a liar over her being in the hospital. But thank you to Te true ones out there.(: <3

Hi Kels Mom, Thanks for keeping us up to date. I too hope that she can get some much needed rest as I hope you can also. Times like these can be trying especially when someone we love is sick. We all understand if you were less than gracious to people that thought she was faking it.

I will continue to keep Kelsey and your family in my prayers.



Be sure to give her our love.


Yikes! Anesthetic is really weird stuff and affects everyone differently! I do ok with it but my mom gets pretty out of it, throws up and stuff too. She had her hip replaced and it was pretty hair-raising for everyone concerned. I think a lot of it was the anesthetic, plus the trauma of the procedure so I would never say anything bad about somebody going through something like that. I totally sympathize with her and you taking care of her! It’s a big project for anyone!

Kelsey is in our thoughts, I hope today is a better day and she gets to go home soon.

Great news (except for the Sonic! Eeek!!) Thanks again for the updates!

I'm glad to hear that Kelsey is doing better. Thanks to Kelsey's mom for the updates.

Hope she continues to improve and everyone gets some much needed rest.

Mmmmm, leftovers!!

FYI, as a T1 I too have trouble with pain meds and coming out of anesthesia. I had a BAD experience last time where I just couldn't seem to wake up. I think it was a combination of the anesthesia itself and my body being totally unable to regulate itself blood-sugar wise.