Missy's Brain Surgery--12/20

Thanks to everyone for sending Missy's hugs & offering her support. Please keep her in your thoughts on Monday.

Missy if it feels crowded in your room, it's because we're all there with you! All positive healing thoughts surround you.

And here's another!!! Missy we LOVE YOU!!!! Hope things are OK! I will think about you all day tomorrow!!!

Will be thinking of you sweetie...love and hugs.

uggh missy I am so sorry you have to go through this all over again. You are in my prayers and I know you are a fighter and you will come out of this strong! My friend please let me know if there is anything you need during the recovery process girl I am here.

another internet hug thingy for missy! good luck!

um, could you guys scoot over a bit, I'd like to join the crowd of well-wishers.

thinking of you Missy.

Thinking of you!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I will also be thinking about you today Missy.

Keep on fighting , keep on surviving dearest Missy .

Missy, cyber hugs and prayers to you, you know we are all pulling for you, you are one of the strongest people I know-Get well soon, and feel all the support and love that is being sent your way!

Hey Marie, There's ALWAYS room for another we will shift it around for you!

{{{{{{Missy}}}}}} We are keeping you front and center today. Be well, my friend.

Prayers and hugs Missy!

I dint know Missy, could someone please let me know why she needs surgery! Doent really matter but am wondering. Thanks Karen

LOVE you Missy and sending positive and caring wishes to you today....big big hug. xo

We will be thinking of you today, Missy!

Just about 45 minutes more until the surgery is completed. Her brother Z has her phone so I'm able to get some 4-1-1. As I get developments, I'll let you all know.

and if you're on Twitter, Z has been updating from Missy's Twitter account @funlovingtype1

thanks Pete, you are a good friend

Oh cool! I don't tweet.