This is Kels mom

I’m not sure how this thing works but she left me directions on to post when the day was done. She made it through surgery well. She’s been out most of the day… Had some friends stop by and see her but I doubt she even remembers. When she is awake she usually gets sick… Her bloodsugars stayed well during surgery, but not so good now. They’re struggling to keep it up. Hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow and try to eat so she can help keep it regulated. So hard to see her like this. But glad to know she is going to be okay. I’m sure she will post tomorrow of her own words, but she is overall doing wonderful! Thank you for the thoughts. She will be more aware tomorrow. Haha.(:

Great job Kels mom! Thanks for letting us know she's doing well and give her some ice cream from us if her BG is low!!

I had surgery last fall and it was hard to eat as I think the anesthetic fried my taste buds. My mom had made some tasty soup but it tasted really weird.

Zofran is a wonderful drug for post-op nausea, and it doesn't make you as out of it and loopy as Phenergan. If she's still having problems with the anesthesia it might be worth a shot to as her Dr's if she could have some of that. Glad she is making it through it all ok. LOL I think ice-cream is a wonderful pick me up when you feel crummy.

That's good news tht she'll get some rest tonight! I agree a walk is a good idea for you! The last thing the surgical nurse said before I checked out was "walk, it will help your recovery" so I took the dog for a walk that night and was like "please *don't* poop, I'll never pick it up!" but I was walking her like 4x/ day to keep things going and I think that it did help. Getting outside always helps me.

Thanks for the update Kels Mom, so glad she's doing well. Kelsey's tuD family is thinking about her, and we're looking forward to hearing from her again. Hope you both got some rest last night.

Glad surgery went good. Hospital beds are so uncomfortable and plus being sore from the surgery and the nurses coming in every little bit is a great recipe for a bad nights sleep. Hope she starts improving today and may your family get some much needed rest.