Knowing which side your bread is buttered helps

Rainy sunny sort of day here in the Shire, 2 of the 3 cats outside sleeping soaking up the sun when it appears and avoiding the shower of rain when it falls, when the sun does shine it is very OK we all know the sun is hot but you know what I mean, water dripping from the hanging baskets onto the rockery so two watering jobs done at once, finally able to get my blood sugar level right for bedtime but still had to take 15 units of insulatard just about to test it so here goes using a One touch Verio IQ machine............WHOOPS 12.8 THE MACHINE IS TELLING ME SUGARS ARE HIGH THIS TIME IN THE MORNING forgot breakfast had 2 bowls of lamb casserole and during the night 3 biscuits really have to work at it today taken insulin so that should bring it down some.
Our grand sons 7th Birthday today Daniel he is growing into a person, it has gone close now and I feel sticky due to the weather breeze blowing on my back but sweat running down my head clammy young Jedi u feel, I can hear lots of birds chirping away in the conifers which must be 20 foot tall not our trees but the next door neighbours, Thursday already Angel at work brieni stretched out on the floor upstairs jimbob and smudge stretched out on the garden one eye open one ear up in case a bird is stupid enough to go looking for worms.
11.10am here whaqt time is it where you are and how is the weather is it day or night questions questions and more questions, a bit depressed because we cannot spend time with our grand children today but that's parents for you, sprayed the hallway with Insette air freshner Lavender smells nice Ok I know spray cans are not good for the environment but so are bluebottle flys whizzing around my head the smell of cat food lures them indoors removed all breakfast dishes of the cat's but the smell can linger on, found cutting up an onion and placing it on the window sill deters them but guess what no onions put them all in the lamb casserole.
Birthday decorations blowing in the breeze will not see 66th birthday again well not mine , think I might have sprayed my tie feels damp or it could have been when I tried to wash up.

you make me lol