7.21 Saturday morning

Had to let the cat outside at 3.20am this morning no wonder I am techy sometimes not very often I get a good nights sleep have been thinking about putting a cat flap in the back door so smudge can come and go as she pleases.

Last night we visited our son and daughter in laws house in I ronbridge and spent a couple of nice hours bonding with baby Emily who is already saying mom dad at 10 moths old she is alstrying to walk she can stand up on her own and push her cart full of building bricks a few steps at a time.

Our son is waiting to hear about his PHd which is being marked by external examiners so fingers crossed, I visited the doctors again last night to have my dressing changed on my big toe left foot cuts and bruises take ages to heal as i have found in the past but the nurse tells me my toe is loking much better.

Have Angels and Demos to watch in blueray later looking forward to that, rain finally stopped boy oh boy did it chuck it down during the night, forecast more rain on the way.

Let the cat back in at 5am starting to get a bit tired myself now, cat sleeping in her usual place under the radiator in our bedroom what a life moggies have well this one does.

Have a shave wash and brush up soon it always makes me feel a bit better to be honest not been 100% over the past couple of days so hopeing for a better day today, birds singing in the trees in our garden even a crow has joined in so fingers crossed for a nice day.