Lack of sleep and insulin resistance

I’m a frequent traveller and I tend not to sleep as well in hotels as at home. I’ve noticed towards the tail end of my trips, my bg rises and it seems more difficult to bring it back in range. Does anyone have any similar experience with lack of sleep and increased insulin resistance? I’m pretty sure it is not the restaurant food, because I don’t have e issue on a one or two day trip.

Here is a CNN report form back in 2012. This might be helpful to your quest

I have fibromyalgia as well as diabetes. One of the things that comes along with fibromyalgia is sleep disturbances. Sometimes I only get 4 hours of sleep per night. I find controlling my BGs the next day harder, even if I’m not in more pain than usual.

As someone who has sleep apnea I can tell you there is a big connection between my sleep and my diabetes the next day. I monitor my sleep and I can generally tell exactly how long I slept and how well I slept. There are various devices and apps that help monitor your sleep that you might find useful.

I know that when I travel there are a variety of forces that impact my sleep in a negative way. Certainly a hotel room with a bed and pillows that are usually too soft doesn’t help. But I often end up staying up later than I normally do and there can be a lot of stress. I recently wrote about an eight day trip and showed a chart of my degraded blood sugars. Travel can take a toll on you diabetes.

I luckily take a medication for bipolar at night that knocks me out for 12 hours…but, the side affects of it was it can cause diabetes…but there is history of diabetes in my family…so…it is nuts… I do sleep well