LADA and burning eyes? Sjogren's?

I was diagnosed with LADA in Sept. 2010. I can look back over the last couple of years and realize that I have been symptomatic at least that long. I am 33 and have experienced muscle and joint pain since about the age of 9. For the las 3-4 years I have excruciating eye pain. If you have ever had a scratched cornea, this is what it feels like. It is usually worse in the mornings, and sometimes wakes me. It is all I can do to keep my eyes open long enough to get some lubricating drops in. I have seen rheumatologists a few times as an adult (prior to LADA dx). One in particular suspected Sjogren’s syndrome, however my RA panel was negative. My endo also suspects this could be the case, but is waiting to send me to another specialist until everything else is under control (again, since this is new to me)… I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this? My endo tells me LADA is often seen with other autoimmune disorders. Any advice appreciated!

There are approximately 20% of RA Patients whose test results show negative but they still have RA. My Cousin was dxd. with severe Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when he was 10 yrs. old. I was wondering if I have Sjogren’s but I’m on Pred. also so I’m blaming it for the redness and slight pain and eye dryness. What type of drops are you using for your eyes? Do they help? I do not need drops everyday and I can still cry.

Hi Anna. I’m new to LADA as well (I got my official diagnosis in March) so I’m certainly no expert, but LADA does seem to go hand in hand with other autoimmune disorders. In my case it’s hypothyroidism - that seems pretty common. I fortunately don’t have any Sjogren’s symptoms but while I was getting my LADA diagnosis one of my sisters was getting a Sjogrens diagnosis so I’m a little familiar with it. She’s had eye problems for years as well, corneal abrasions, infections, sensitivity to light, etc. She’s also had extremely dry mouth for a while now. Her rheumatologist diagnosed her primarily based on symptoms and family history – she ran blood work as well (never heard the results) but said 1/3 of Sjogrens patients don’t have positive markers? She told me a lip biopsy is definitive but her doctor didn’t think it necessary because in the end there’s no real treatment for the underlying condition? You basically treat the symptoms? My sister is continuing using Restatis for her eyes, got a prescription for something to help increase her saliva production, and can’t where her contact lenses any more. Not sure if this matches up with what you’ve heard… good luck!

I have read up a little on Sjogren’s and am aware of those negative RA results. I know my endo is planning on sending me to someone who specializes in autoimmune eye probs with diabetes. I am so lucky to have such a great doc!!

I currently don’t have a rx for eye drops… Just use over the counter for sever dry eye. Usually a thicker gel drop… it seems to adhere to the surface of the eye longer and relieves the symptoms better. I really like Gen-Teal!

I also, have no problem crying :slight_smile: So I don’t think it’s a matter of not producing tears, or a tear duct issue???

Thank you for the info!

Good luck to you!!

Thank you for your response. Am wondering if I get corneal abrasions. It literally feels like sand or shards of glass are in my eyes. I am not very familiar with other eye problems realated to diabetes other than retinopathy, and didn’t think these were the symptoms. As for dry mouth, I guess I could be experiencing that? but hard to tell, since when my BG is up I get very thirsty anyway. I also try to drink alot of water throughout the day…
I appreciate your feedback!
I have a wonderful endo and I know she will stear me in the right direction!!
Take care!!

Gosh, I hope they figure this stuff out… For a long time I’ve felt like docs look at me crazy… but now i know if i advocate enough, i will get answers!! I say ask for another referral!!
I have no history with eye problems other than astigmatism. so I haven’t been to an eye doc for about 8 years. I am looking forward to some relief :slight_smile: I am super confident in my endo and her connections though and I see her this coming thursday. I will update once I find out just what is going on here…
thanks for your response and take care of those eyes!!

Hi Lynne… I do take Lantus, but have only been on it since nov. 2010. I have had the eye symptoms for a few years. Also, my mornings are more stable in terms of BG… It’s the evenings that get me…
I haven’t had my diabetic eye exam yet. I see my endo thurs. and I think she is going to set me up at that time… My A1C was 6.5 in Jan. Awaiting results of today’s labs. I have tried to correlate the eye probs with many other things… Allergies, dust, eye strain from comp or tv, make-up (which i use about once amonth), even my BG readings. But nothing is consistant. Sometimes just rubbing my eyes (if tired) sets off the pain and scratchy feeling. It’s just so bothersome… I hope to find relief soon… will update when I do!!
Thanks for the insight!!!