Lancet Survey

This is just me spacing out again. I would love to here from everyone.

Here is the million dollar question.

What Lancet and lancing device do you use. and how often do you change your lancet :)

Accu-Check Softclix, hurts a little less and causes less callus buildup IMHO. I only change when I can't get blood anymore or I feel guilty, probably 2 or 3 times a year.

I use the regular lancing device that came with my meter, which came with my pump (One Touch ultralink). It's the standard lancet. I CANNOT use those new ones (I think they are called Delica). They don't draw any blood from my calloused fingers!

As for lancet changing...let's use say that I'm still on the same box of lancets that I got in 2000. I probably change it once every month or so.

Accu-Check Multi-Click. I change daily and with this device it is just one dial operation to do that.

Multiclix. I used to change it a lot but it seems to hurt less if I change it less. Maybe I change it once per week now. I have lots of unused lancets from one my prescription was for 6 lancets per day.
I tried the delica. Didn't like it.

I use the lancet that came with my Freedom Lite meter. Nice fine needle and it doesn't hurt. I change the lancet when I remember, about once every month or so.

I use the One Touch Delica. It is small, and I like it better than any others I have tried (many!). I change the lancet about once per week.

Older style devices provided with the One Touch Ultra Mini (which most definitely refers to the meter and not the lancets). Never used to change lancet until it occurred to me that poking hurts less if changed at least weekly. As mentioned, I prefer the older devices that are beige and blue; the spring in the newer black ones don't seem to last as long, and it's rather easy to unknowingly move the depth dial. Being T1 just three years I can still poke at the "1" depth, but more than once when poking it hurt like */!@ and I saw that the dial was at "4" or "5"... May as well have used a safety pin.

I use whatever is in my fannypack. Got at least half a dozen toys in the box at home. Prefer the skinny ones, if I ever check the device before picking one. It leaves a smaller hole, than the large bullet lancets.

I change them one a week as protocol, sooner if its literally not getting any blood. (Still cant figure this one out Puncture, but no blood in a "virgin" non calloused area)

I was originally taught to use a lancet solo WITHOUT a device, if/when the device fails to work and you needed to test anyway. (It was desensitization I think, Psyc 303)

I use the Delica. I change it daily, if I remember. I'll use it until the box of lancets is used up, then I'll probably go with another one, since the Delica lancets are so much more expensive for some reason. ($14 vs $3-$4 for others. Go figure.) I pay enough (even with insurance) for all my other supplies, I don't need to pay an arm and a leg for these things, too!
Grumpy Old Man, signing off!

I use the BD lancet and 33 ga size. I change the lancet every single time. Why risk infection?

I swear by the Accu-Chek that came with my Aviva and have transferred it with change of meters and the ones that came looked so primitive to me! It has a disk in it with six lancets and you just rotate it. I got a box of disks when I got the accu-check in 2007 and still have plenty in the box. I only change it when it seems hard to draw blood.