OneTouch Delica

For those of you who have not tried it, i def. suggest it!
The lancet needle is sooo thin you can barely feel a thing, and its great bc it doesnt leave needle marks in your finger tips.
Its a little expensive, but if you go to walgreens and ask for their Diabetes Magazine (Walgreens Monthly Diabetes Newsletter) there is a coupon for half off the OneTouch Delica Lancet, try it out

I did try it, but it is not myt main lancing device - main issue is that because the lancents are so thin, it started to hurt for me after a couple of uses making it not so convienent for me as I had to constantly change the lancet and if I was out and about I had open used sharps floating around in my case with the potential for them to drop out. I went back to my Multiclix - no handling of sharps.

Something else to note is that any of the new OneTouch UltraMini’s are coming with the Delica lancing device in them (or so I was told by Animas.) So if you can get the free OneTouch UltraMini meter that might be the cheaper option. :slight_smile:

Out of all the lancing devices I’ve tried, and trust me I’ve tried more than a few, I’ve always found myself coming back to my MultiClix. Which is why I have three of them now. It’s so much more convenient to not have to handle the sharps, and not have to change the lancets as often.

How often do you change your lancet drum with your MultiClix?

Well i just ordered the multiclix and the lancet drums, i found them very cheap online!
I dont take much convincing, if two people say its better, ill take your word

Not too often - basically its a drum with 6 lancets in it. Use each lancet until it starts to feel full, rotate the end counter clockwise, and presto a new lancet. The indicator on the side shows how many are remaining in the drum (each line represents one lancet).

Once you’ve used all 6 lancets, swap out the drum and dispose of anywhere. There is no sharps container needed as its a self contained drum and there is nothing sharp sticking out of it.