Has anyone else tried the new "renew" lancing device

I am not easily impressed–but wow…no pain ( really–I thought it had not worked and I would have to turn it up wasting a lancet) and so far a good poke every time.

I wasn’t sure because it is very different, but it is easy to use, and for me (I change lancets every time) sure simplifies things–has a 20 count disc in it-auto advances…

Now will be the big thing to see if my insurance will cover (yeah I like it so they likely won’t)

Only drawback I see (besides the insuarnce thing) is it won’t fit neatly in my meter case–but I carry so much anyway not really a big issue

You cna get a free sample here:


You shouldn’t change lancets just because you didn’t get a good stick, even if you change it every time. Just my opinion but that’s wasteful. I hope this lancet works for you. I just switched from a Freestyle monitor to a OneTouch and I don’t like the OneTouch lancet at all. I have to have it turned to 4 or 5 just to get a finger stick, and good luck trying it on the palm or arm even at the highest setting.

I use that one and I get a good poke every time on setting one. I have no problem with the arm or palm either…

I just picked up the AccuChek Multiclix today and I like it so far. I was able to get a teensy drop from my arm, and the fingers are easy peasy. I think I need to read more about alternate locations, maybe there is a technique I’m missing. Anyway the Multiclix is a little longer but it fits into the velcro pocket on the outside of the OneTouch case.

I love my multiclix. It’s my favorite and the most painless of the ones I use. I have a freestyle device in my office, a BD device in my spare kit, and use the multiclix most often (in my purse).

I love my multiclix, but I think I’d like to try this one. I think I am going to order one to try.

Thanks for sharing!

I’ve tried the Renew. It works fine on the fingertip, if I turn it way up, but I cannot for the life of me get it to give me enough blood – even for my stingy little Freestyle Flash – from a forearm test.

I have the same issues with the MultiClix and the SoftClix, even using the alternate site" caps. All three are relatively painless for fingersticks, though.

I sometimes wonder why the devices that take the largest samples have the smallest-drop-generating lancet devices, and vice-versa…

I didn’t have any trouble with that–guess I bleed easy …

I use it and I love it ! There is no pain like you said, and it doesn’t scar your fingers :slight_smile:

And when winter comes, I have the Devil’s own time getting ANY blood from my fingertips. Just as well, though: in that case, they consistently read 20 points lower than my forearm.

I have trouble with that already in the morning. I have to shake my hands out vigorously. And when my hands are cold I never try anything other than the pinky anymore.