Lancets Expiration Date

Dumb Question: I have boxes and boxes of Accu-Chek Multiclix still in box and sealed in the box. My insurance pays 100%, so I kept on getting them.

My question: Due to they have an expiration date on them and still sealed in the container, can they still be used, or should they be thrown out?

I have found from accu-chek website:

What happens if expired lancets are used?
The use of an expired lancet (drum) may cause an infection at the puncture site; as well the lancet may have lost its sterility. We guarantee 4 years of sterility from the date of manufacture, so you have plenty of time to use up your lancets.

Just would like to know, before I go through boxes and boxes and throught them all out. Thanks in advance.

I don’t maybe I’m cheap…but I would still use them…lol. They are completely covered no? My BD lancets have a cover over the needle so I don’t see how they can lose sterilization.
It will be interesting to see if anyone knows any different.

I’m bad. I have to admit. I reuse lancets and never use alcohol. Bad, I know, but I’d use them. If you’re good about changing them each time, then go ahead and use them. They can’t be “unsterile” if they’ve been sealed and the tips have been covered.

I use one lancet for several months and have never yet had anything bad happen. Unless you are immune compromised this probably is a nonissue. I would not worry about the expiration date, either.

I recently noticed an expiration date on my calcium carbonate pills and found that hilarious. The calcium deposit in my back yard has lasted several million years, I figure the tablets are good for as long, too.


I didn’t even know that they expired. I, too, have a few extra boxes because I don’t take my sugars as much as the DR wants me to do it. Before you toss, think of how much someone else who doesn’t have insurance would need them. Then ask your diabetic nurse educator or DR if they would take a donation of them. As long as they are in the original boxes, I don’t see that beggars can be choosey. (Boy, did that sound harsh!) If your DR or educator doesn’t want them, try some free clinic. I gave a bunch of them to a Visiting Nurse who knew someone that couldn’t afford them. Did my heart good! I also didn’t know you could reuse the Multiclix. I know, because I tried to get another poke out of it at the end of the drum and it wouldn’t let me. Lois La Rose

I’m glad I’m not the only one using a lancet for months. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had an issue either!

It’s probably a bit of a CYA for the companies.

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You aren’t the only one either!

I use it until it won’t poke anymore :slight_smile:

i have boxes from when i was diagnosed 17 years ago…ok maybe not that long, but i have kept them for several years and they are still good…no problems so far…i reuse lancets for several months at a time


Dear Jenny. Love the bit about calcium carbonate expiring. Recently used a new lancet for my wife although there too I think we must have exchanged diseases by now.

I am new here and just recently got my blood monitoring things. My issue is with sterile lancets. It might have some validity to this conversation, not sure. The 1st lancets I received were with the meter and in a plastic bag sealed up. I also got a box of 100 lancets. The box is not really sealed, just a sticker as tamper proof. But it is cardboard, and loosely designed at that. Definitely not sterile packaging. Then, I opened it and all the lancets are just loosely in the box, no plastic bag to protect them from contamination. How do we know where these boxes have been? They are manufactured in Japan. The possible contaminants that could be near these unsealed boxes are huge. I called them and was told they are sealed and sterile. The tip is covered. But there are 2 windows on this lancet that exposes the needle, bacteria and viruses can travel to the tip of the needle if it is not sealed and if it is exposed on the sides. Do any lancets come in sealed packaging not tamper proof packaging?

I am still working off the large supply I accumulated during my first years. I started ordering supplies and a new box was included in every order but I only used a few a month. Some of the lancits I use now expired over 10 years ago but have not experienced any problems.

One of my neighbors is a retired biochemist and constantly criticizes my lack of sanitary concern.

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I have never ordered lancets but they do come from time to time with a new meter, change of insurance, device, etc or are just automatically sent by a supplier. Now that I am on a CGM, I only test blood twice a day at 8AM and 8PM to make sure the CGM is properly calibrated and occasionally a third stick due to wonky CGM low result.

With so few tests, I try to remember to change my lancets about once every 6 months or so, really when they start pulling skin on the way out. Just went to my supplies and see that I have over 1900 in stock in un-opened boxes so have enough for the next 3800 years or so and probably longer as Dexcom G6 will no longer require finger sticks. So if anyone wants a few hundred in unopened boxes, just send me a PM.

I do much better with needles, being on MDI need 4-6 shots a day and only re-use a needle for about 3 months or about 450-500 injections. When tip starts to bend and pull skin or part that inserts into insulin cartridge (pen) bends, then time for a new needle. I use BD fine needles.

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I have never noticed they even have an expiration!!! I have them floating around from over 10 years ago!

(That’s me though, each to his own :crazy_face:)