Lantus adjusting times

I am currently taking lantus at about 10:30am and 10:30pm. Its really working for me. Im going on vacation and some days we will be leaving the hotel earlier than 10:30 of course. I dont want to take lantus and do it on the road. Could I just do it at 8:30\9? And adjust within a two hour time frame daily? How sensitive is it to the same time every day? Sidenote,I just got off the pump and it was the BEST thing I ever did.

If you stick with twice-a-day, I am guessing 1 or 2 hours earlier wouldn’t make much of a difference, since Lantus is probably lasting you longer than 12 hours.

If you are worried about it, you could do a pre-loaded syringe, so you don’t need to take the entire Lantus dose thing with you. Just carry a single dose (or carry 2 doses if you are getting back later than 10:30 pm).

Personally I would just take it earlier and not worry about it.


Should you choose to take it earlier some days, just be aware that you’ll have overlapping doses for a few hours (at times you didn’t previously have overlapping doses). Plan to test more during those hours to see if you need to treat.

Here is how I’d calculate it for me. Each unit of insulin lowers my BG 34 points with fast-acting, and from what I’ve seen the Lantus seems to be about the same. I take 10 units of Lantus once a day. So I could expect my Lantus covers roughly 340 points of BG lowering a day. That’s 14 points per hour. So if I took my Lantus two hours early, I’d anticipate that the overlap might cause an extra 28 points or so of lowering, something that could be easily covered with a snack or just lowering my dose of fast-acting if I’m having a meal about that time. Of course if I didn’t follow the same time schedule at the end of the Lantus period, my BG would go up an extra 28 points or so. All within what is for me normal fluctuations anyway.

Of course your sensitivity factor is likely different so the effect on your BG would likely be higher, or possibly lower. (I know I take less Lantus than the average person, so most type 1s would have a larger effect.)

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It is a slow ramp up and slow ramp down insulin. It peaks around 10- 12 hours post injection and if you think about it 10 hours post is about the same as 12 hours post. Like another commentator said you will likely notice difference in the first or last day.

I’d bump it an hour earlier one day, and then another hour the second day. But, 2 hours earlier isn’t gonna kill you. E#specially with a split dose. I’m being cautious because you are traveling and away from home.

Super glad that Lantus regimen is working for ya’.