Lantus during Pregnancy?

Hi everyone

Any one out there been on Lantus during pregnancy? or TTC and on lantus?

I'm in TTC stage and use latus as basal and Humalog as short acting insulin. I've heard that Lantus is not approved during pregnancy. So I switched to NPH couple weeks ago and it was awfull. Blood sugar controle with NPH was really hard, all night low, all evening high.... So I'm back on lantus and my Endo is totally fine with it. He believs that better BG control is much more important.The best option is Insulin pump but I don't like it because first I don't feel comfortable having something attached to me and second I don't want people know about my diabetes and is not easy to hide the pump.

I'd like to hear from ladies on lantus with pregnancy experience. I appreciate your response


Hi there MK,

I went onto Lantus at 14 weeks because my pump wasn’t working (another medication issue!). Lantus was FANTASTIC. I stayed on it until and after delivery. Can’t fault the control it gave me - I needed to take a dose at 5am to cover my morning climb, but that’s not Lantus’ fault, just my crazy body. I do think though that MDI in pregnancy does require at least as much effort as a pump. But that’s just my thoughts.

I know that Lantus isn’t officially approved for pregnancy yet, but it worked great for me. And it’s worked great for a number of T1s in my city. I guess once enough of us have used it in pregnancy it’ll be “approved”.

When we come to TTC again I’ll be prepared and ready to switch back to Lantus again (because the same pump issues will occur) and will be confident that it’ll give me the control I need .

All the best!

My endo gave me`Lantus as a backup for my pump during my pregnancy.

I have been on Lantus througout my entire pregnancy and I think you will be fine! They did switch me off of Apidra and onto Novo Log when I was trying to conceive, though. I think it’s just because they have not tested enough pregnant women on the newer insulins to change the drug from catagory C to B … I do not use a pump, either, and my blood sugar control throughout my pregnancy has been pretty good. My HA1C drawn last week was a 6.2 and I am now 24 weeks along in pregnancy. OBGYN and endo are very pleased and think things are going well. I started out the pregnancy with a 6.6 at 9 weeks and I was nervous. However, I attributed that to all the eating I was doing … I immediately got hungry all the time when I concieved and was having some trouble figuring out how much Novo Log to take to keep up with it. Second HA1C taken at about 14 weeks was a 6.3. Now I am 6.2 …

Interesting. I was on Apidra throughout my pregnancy.

I switched from Lantus to NPH about a year before I got pregnant, because I heard that Lantus was not recommended… like you, I did not want a pump attached to me… after just a few months on NPH and the ridiculous highs and lows I decided to give the pump a shot. It has been so helpful throughout my pregnancy (I will not insert a pump testimonial here because I know how annoying that is). Just wanted to give you a heads up (and I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times) blood sugar during pregnancy is very wacky… I cannot imagine trying to work NPH while pregnant… I know women do it, but knew it would not work for me. Pre-pregnancy medication switches are very nerve wracking… good luck with your decision. Take care, Kris