Lantus SoloStar Pen Shortage

Walgreens informed me today that they’re having a problem getting the Lantus Pens in stock.
Who else here is experiencing this problem, and how are you dealing with it?

You may have to get vials and syringes as backup. Or switch insulin.

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You might ask your doctor about Semglee or Rezvoglar both are Lantus Biosimilars.

Lantus will likely be more difficult to obtain as time goes on.

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Thanks. Why will Lantus be more difficult to obtain as time goes on, do you think?
Competition from the biosimilars made by Lilly that were recently approved?

Because of the rise of biosimilars Sanofi is scaling back production. the biosimilars should act exactly like the reference product Lantus.


I think Sanofi has done a good for them bad for us job of blocking generics of Lantus in the US. Certainly longer than the rules were intended to allow. In other countries Sanofi hasn’t been as successful and they had to launch alternatives.

Lantus won’t be around forever. Someone is going to develop a good 25 hour insulin eventually. For right now, Sanofi hasn’t announced a shortage of Lantus and its not listed in the FDA drug shortage database. Hopefully this is a problem at a single Walgreens distribution center. Walgreens is struggling, for a look behind the curtains check out Reddit - Dive into anything

Edit to add I placed an order for lantus with my mail order pharmacy today. ETA is Saturday, no out of stock warning yet.

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I got my Lantus pens order from my mail order pharmacy 4/4/2024. Saw your other thread about looking for different long acting insulins, I’m hoping you were able to find someone at your pharmacy to fill your prescription.

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Yes, thanks; After being encouraged by your previous post, and making several calls, I was able to find the Lantus pens and get my prescription refilled at another Walgreens not too far away. Can’t figure out why my usual neighborhood Walgreens couldn’t have found them there in the first place. I’ll definitely ask the next time they tell me something’s not available…