Lantus to Levemir Transition

Hi all

A couple people mentioned being interested as well in making this change, and since I forgot who they were I thought I'd just post my experience on here.

I started with the same dose I used of Lantus (13units, 2 doses) as most people said they made the transition at the same dose or at more Levemir. The transition has taken me 8 days. I started having highs including several well into the 200s. I started upping my Levemir dose. Yesterday to today it fell into place in textbook fashion. Tuesday and Wednesday I was doing 9 units AM and 7 units PM. My numbers were coming into range except I had lows in the early evening. But I still was running a tad high in my fastings (106-121). So I increased my PM by a unit and decreased my AM by one, settling into a perfect 50/50 of 8 and 8. This morning I woke up to a lovely 89 and today for the first time in 8 days my before lunch number was a perfect 82. So I've done an increase of 3 units which amounts to a 23% increase.

Now I will see how Levemir compares to Lantus for me in the longrun (my main goal was to stop the drift of my basals every couple weeks and maybe also keep my weight from going up - I've only gained 5 pounds but I absolutely want to keep from gaining more.)


Oh, thanks, boedica! I wasn’t looking at it as a major project, but it was more so than expected. It probably didn’t help that I did an A1C right in the middle of it, getting a huge increase since 3 months ago! LOL. I was just stuck on doing it for WDD.

Well, I changed from Lantus to Levi for One reason… To avoid hypo’s…
I had tried about every method known to man using Lantus and just was to the point that I had to get up a few hours after taking it to test to catch it going hypo… and when I reduced it? I’d spkie thru the roof in the AM…

B ut Levi isn’t the Panacea either… not consistant with me… might get 4 out 7 days wk Good and the other 3? Not so good…
But taking Nothing but Novalog as my over-nite Basal did do a better job,( but waking up 2x a nite ) thus proving to me a Pump was inorder… but My Dr. disagreed., time and time again…My A1c’s of 5-6% doesn’t qualify me for one they tell me…

Hope you have better luck

Great! Beautiful numbers!

How frustrating, Dennis. Especially considering from what you’re saying, multiple hypos contributed to those low A1C’s! I hope you are able to get your pump down the road.

I was doing ok on Lantus, but hope for more stability on Levemir.

Thanks, Gerri. Hopefully it will be better in the big picture as well. I figured you and so many others did better on it, maybe I will too.

I haven’t felt the need for a pump…at least until I started my type 1 women’s group where nearly everyone is on a pump and it sounds great when they talk about it…lol