Type 1 Diabetes and Gastric Bypass


I am a 29 year old type 1 diabetic. I've been T1 for 24 years now. I am a Medtronic pump user, CGM (for now), and i'm overweight. I have been fighting this battle for a long time and i've tried everything. Symlin, phentermine, lots of exercise, diet, and also Victoza. Victoza has helped but not enough, and it's not a long term solution. Luckily, my doctor is very supportive, as I look into this "Last Resort".

I know most insurances cover the GB, but for the moment i do not have insurance. Long story, but i qualify for California's Pre-existing condition Insurance Plan at the end of January. My plan is to get all the paperwork together so that when i am finally on the plan (all things going accordingly, that would be March 1st), i can get the ball rolling right away and things can move quicker.

I've done a lot of research on the subject- lapband vs. gastric sleeve vs. bypass. Hospital stays, how long before one can get back to work, the liquid diet, dietary requirements after the surgery, etc... I'm curious to know if anyone, preferably in California, has gone through the process and how long it took from turning in first forms to surgery date. As a diabetic, did you have to do a 6 month diet? Were you required to lose weight before the surgery? Can past records of say, 1 year, be used to show weight fluctuations, exercise programs used, medications tried, etc.. or do you have to apply for the surgery first and then go on a regimented program for a certain amount of time before qualifying? I know that with my diabetes and a BMI over 35 already "qualifies" me, but i know there are also other qualifications the hospital or insurance programs need fulfilled.

Being diabetic makes it so much harder to lose weight, and not everyone can understand that. Which is why i thought i would post here. Anyone that can offer some advice, suggestions, or experiences would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you so much!!



Thank you for your wonderful reply! I have read your posts before and they were very informative. I do hope your knee is improving. I know what it's like to want to exercise and can't. Hang in there, stay strong and i believe you will do great!

I do have some questions, but i'm not sure anything can really be answered until i get my insurance and then start "applying" (for lack of a better term) for the surgery. What if i can't lose weight before the surgery? Will i have to go on a special diet (not the liquid diet that you do 1 week pre-op) and/or exercise program before the surgery before i can get approved for it? I have been seeing a psychologist for over 2 years, and she is wonderful. She has seen my efforts and struggles, and fully supports my decision for the surgery. But will i have to meet with a different therapist for a mental evaluation?

Since I cannot apply for my insurance until Feb. 1, i am trying to think of all i can to try and get things lined up so when i do get my insurance, i can get the ball rolling faster. I'm just a planner that way. :)

Thanks again!!


Hey Char,
I am 2 week post op from GBP & am from PA but can tell you my experiences. My Dr wants you to go on a high protein, low carb diet and try to lose some weight. There was no specified amt but to shrink your liver prior to surgery. They encourage any kind of exercise. My insurance required 6 months with the Bariatric program. You need to meet with a psychologist, don't know if they'll accept it from an "outsider" it's usually one that works with the Bariatric group and asks appropriate questions to make sure you understand what this change will require.
Keep lots of documentation. Records for weight loss programs, drugs, exercise programs etc will be accepted for the last 2 years. I also did not meet the BMI but had several co-morbidities along with my Diabetes and was still rejected the first time till I had to accumulate all the documentation and then was accepted.They will advise you on "pouch rules" and the progression of diet post surgery. I am already eating chicken and fish. There are a lot of no-no foods or things you need to give up. Smoking, alcohol use, carbonated drinks and NSAIDS are not allowed afterwards.

If I can answer any other questions just let me know. All I know is I'm off my meds and the highest BS I've had in 2 weeks is 118.It's definately not an easy way out but a very do-able approach to a healthier life.