LASIK in Northern NJ

I’ve been contemplating getting LASIK vision correction for awhile. I understand that some say it’s not good for people with diabetes, particularly T1, which is part of the reason I’ve stalled. Then, Suze Orman told me (well, not me personally!) that the maximum amount one can put in a Flexible Spending Account, money earned pre-tax for medical uses, will be cut in half in 2013. So… if I want to do this, 2012 is the year to do it, and I should get started in 2011 to make sure my FSA allocations are set up properly.

So my questions are this: does anyone here with T1D have experience with LASIK, particularly with a doctor in northern New Jersey (Morris, Essex counties) that they might recommend? Someone who’s just as in-tune to, and sensitive to, blood sugar levels as they are to the eye surgery? Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated. Thanks!