Last again

This entire day has revolved around the million other things in my life. The entire day I have known that I have to change out my pump site and stock up on another load of the happy juice (insulin). But as I was preparing the house for the stairs to be sanded and painted, getting all the supplies and junk we need from the upstairs and bringing it to the downs stairs, getting the kids going and making breakfast for everyone, I decided that I had just enough insulin to get through breakfast and then I would change it out later.

Breakfast ended and then the Arizona state paper kicked in. We got so wrapped up in the paper that I completely forgot about my pump. Wouldn’t you know it, lunch was here and I saw that I had enough insulin for my basal and just injected my bolus.

Finished up the paper and then it was off to the kitchen while the kids were at the park with the flat-liner (my husband…don’t worry, he knows I call him that and even he agrees it’s true). Thought I’d start the dinner and get it going and then change out my pump. Phone call comes from the flat-liner, one more is coming for dinner and they are on their way home. Great!! Check the pump. Still have enough for basal. So I finish dinner, bolus by injection and eat.

Then it’s marathon collaging for the state project. Glue, glue, glue…mess, mess, mess. I put the kids to bed then I clean, clean, clean. So here I am and instead of changing out my pump I am writing this blog to ■■■■■ about how I am last. And guess what? I know that IT’S ALL MY FAULT!!!

As Gloria Estephan said “We seal our Fate by the choices we make…”

Although I was amused by the post, PLEASE try to be FIRST in your care, or there won’t BE anyone to care or do all you do.