Today at work, my pump is beeping like mad. I check to see what all the rukus is about.


16.3 units left.

Dammit, I forgot to change it this morning before I left work. (always in a rush in the morning, thats how I roll) Anyway, I actually IM one of my internet IM buddies to ask how long 16 units will last. She told me to check the pump because it gives you a count down. So I did. It said 15:10, so basically I had 15 hours left before it had no insulin. So I thought. 430pm came along and ummm I look at the pump to see what the countdown would tell me next. 12 minutes left of insulin. ■■■■.

I didn’t have a vial with me. Basically, I never have a vial of humalog with me. It’s bad I know. So, I start to panic just a bit. It takes about 50 minutes total to get home from work. 50 minutes without insulin ugh… Well, nothing I could do.

Two trains later. I am home.

My mom wants to talk to me, but she sees I am in a rush. “What’s the matter? she asks.” Me: Don’t yell, I forgot to change my pump this morning, It is empty. She looks at me with that mom look. (I know you all know that look I am talking about. The look of dissappointment, anger and worry all in one.) She tells me “Oh, hurry up.” Alllllllllllright, I am

So, I take out the infusion and look at what happened next:

Bloody infusion too

Ahhh… The life of a person with diabetes.

I’m not a pumper. All I can say is, “Owwwwwww…” Hope it healed quickly and you didn’t have too bad a period of high readings.

Wow! I have never had blood gush out like that from an infusion sight before, but then again, I’ve only been on the pump for three months. I have however had my skin bubble up (very creepy looking). I wish I had taken a picture of it. Well, I’m glad you are okay and I hope your sugar didn’t sky rocket.

I hate it when this happens! so sorry the d monster decided to knock you down and then kick you too.

Been there. Done that. But certainly sorry that you dealt with it this weekend! I feel for you.

Ouch! That’s happened to me too (the bloody infusion set, not running out… though I’ve come close!). It was itching like crazy so I changed it in the mens room at work. Spent the rest of the afternoon trying to clean/hide the blood stains from my pants.

I’ve had those too. One time I was using one of the none quick sert ones and it bleed up half the tube before I realized. Also horse back riding with the set near your pants line is a really bad idea… really had some bloody sites doing that one. I’ve run out of insulin a couple of times too really sucks. Hope you’re doing well and that the site heals ok!

I’ve had a few sites that have done just that to me.Och and then your watching the blood gush! I hope you got it all together and got it done. AS for the mom look…I do that to my daughter too. She’s a Type 1 pumping like her mom and you too!! HA!! We deserve that right. my daughter’s 20th birthday is today but I told her I would call her at 11:47 tonight b/c that’s the time she was born not at 6 this morning!!! HA!!

I have in the past, gone beyond the “empty” status on my pump… Usualy get a few extra hours before the pump beeps non-stop asking me to rewind or continue.

Heres a photo of what happens when you run past a doorknob too fast and the tubing catches the knob as you run by! This was during the first few weeks of having the pump, I learned fast to not run past door knobs!!


Oach now that looks like pain there!!!

): thats so badddd!
the worst thing with me is, that ive got my site pulled out 3 times in one day.
i screamed, and started to cry the last time, out of pure fusteration.

I don’t have a pump but THAT looks like it really hurt. _

Ok…another reason I dont’ use a pump!!! LOL

hahah i can so relate to the mom thing…ooowwwch tho, i hope you’re alright!