I am so lame sometimes! I try to be so on top of my diabetes (at least I think I do), but today I spaced out. I made sure I ate a snack this afternoon to account for my scrimmaging with my HS volleyball team today. However, on my drive home I felt so sluggish and thirsty, when I suddenly came to a realization…in my haste at lunch today I gave myself my symlin, but completely forgot to bolus when I got to the lunch room. I hate when I do that! I never ever forgot to give shots in my pre-pump days, but I have forgotten to bolus a few times. I suppose that is the only down side to the pump, but I feel like such a goober when I forget. Anyone else ever do that, or is it just me?

Oh yes! I’ve done it. I love my pump and it makes life so much easier but I tend to forget that I’m not like most other people. I forget sometimes that I can’t just eat when I want.

I had a scare a few weeks ago when I took my symlin for breakfast but forgot to cut back my bolus. I ended up eating a second breakfast and suspending my pump so I wouldn’t go low.

It’s stuff like this that is most frustrating to me…I’m unable to be diligent around the clock. I slip up but when I do it could mean my life.