Definately better

This weekend seemed to go well, there’s still seems to be quite a bit of fine tuning to do, but that is to be expected.

I am enjoying not having to take shots and not remember to bring my insulin. You’d think that after so many years, I could remember to bring insulin with me, but, I swear, there are days when things not physically attached to my body don’t come with me. An added bonus of the pump.

I’ve been wearing it stuck into my front pants pocket, which seems to work pretty well. It just means I can’t use that pocket for anything else, but I do have a spare! I haven’t managed to hook the tubing on anything yet, but I did manage to drop the pump yesterday, luckily it was firmly attached!! I still seem to be having trouble with bleeds and clogs on the infusion sets, I’m moving them around still trying to find that “sweet” spot

All in all, I’m liking it. I’m wishing things had started out a lot smoother, but I also wish I was better looking…

Be loved