Latest & greatest weight loss drugs

I'll be meeting with a new doctor soon and he wants to talk about weight loss drugs, so I want to prepare myself for the conversation – looking for your help.

First, the background...

I'm on my 6th doctor in 5 years (various reasons including a retirement and 3 mat leaves). So, no consistency of care. My most recent doctor is on mat leave, but I didn't connect well with her (meaning she was impatient and judgemental about the weight & diabetes) and I want to switch docs even after she comes back.

I just had my yearly physical and it was the first time I've met the replacement doc. An intern did 90% of the appointment (at my request, because I wanted a female to do the pap test) and then the doctor came in for the last 5 minutes to talk to me.

He said he realized I've been bounced around and he was sorry for that. I explained that I'm looking to switch doctors anyway, and I told him that the doc that's on mat leave did not have much empathy, patience, or answers to my questions about D.

So here's the thing...

He said he'd really like to help me and that he wants me to come back in a couple of weeks to talk about weight loss. He said that weight loss is his area of focus and that he has a lot of knowledge about the most current weight loss medications.

Now, I appreciate a doctor who is eager to take the time to talk. That's what we all hope for. However, this "current weight loss meds" statement raised a bit of an alarm bell for me.

I am on a lot of meds already and am always reluctant to add another. I also don't want to be a guinea pig for a trial med, which could be the case since this clinic is part of a research and training hospital.

At the same time, I have been on insulin & Victoza for 6 weeks, counting calories and carbs, went from no exercise to 4-5 x per week, and the scale has not budged. I'm frustrated - which makes me more psychologically open to saying yes to a weight loss medication with big promises attached. Hence, I want to be prepared. He may or may not suggest it, and I may or may not say yes, but I at least want to educate myself before I go in.

My questions...

Are any of you on a weight loss drug? Have you heard anything about the "latest and greatest" ones that are currently around? Any warnings or cautions?

I'll do other research too of course but I wanted to tap into the wealth of experience that the TuD members have.