New GP

My GP has been at a training medical center, meaning they train residents. I’ve been there for a long time and didn’t mind having to change docs every year or two. But with the diabetes and other factors (such as forgetting the name of my GP!), I decided it was time to leave. It’s taken me a while to find someone but I have! She actually was a resident there about 10 yrs ago so she totally understood.

Anyway, we discussed a bunch of stuff but mostly focused on the pre-diabetes dx. She was not surprised by the huge spike I’d had a few days ago. We decided to do the a1c again. It has risen from 4.7 to 5.8 in barely 2 months. She also noticed from the huge medical record they’d already received, that from the blood work in Jan. this year compared to blood work two years ago (she tsk’d it had been that long), my triglycerides had doubled and my HDL had dropped like a rock. She feels that I have that “metabolic syndrome” thing.

Based on that, the spike, and the up/down BGs I’ve been having, we decided to start me on Metaformin. I’m on 500mg of Metaformin ER (extended release). Her hope is that the med will help to regulate everything now, vs wait until I have the official dx.

I feel as if all that I’ve done - the dieting, the weight loss, the constant watching of carbs, the research - has been for naught. I’ll feel better tomorrow but for now, I’m really down.