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Yes, I’m still around but very busy playing physio therapiost for Johanna. She fell and compressed several vertebrays which may take 6 or more months to recover from.
I miss being on here. Just found out that a swelling on my right chest at the nipple can be cancer. Going up for a ultra sound test and a biopsy to see if there is any malignancy in there. Will go there in about a week.
It is just raining problems for us ever since our car accident.
Diabetes is all over the place. If there is anyone around with the same chest swelling, I would like to hear about it. Thank you.

Yikes JB, I’m sorry to hear your slate of bad news. Perhaps another good thing about T1 is that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Hey JB, I’m Happy that you are still around. Gee, poor Johanna though. Her injury sounds Very painful. That is Really Good of you to help her with her therapy. I know that can be difficult. Hopefully she will recover and feel much Better even sooner than predicted.

I’ll be hoping and praying that that lump on your chest is just a benign bump and nothing serious. Best Wishes to you both my Friend and please keep us updated on how you and Johanna are doing.

I must say that for Senior Citizens, you and Johanna surely do not lead a boring Life. That’s what Life is all about, I guess. I’m still amazed with your Amazon trip not long ago. Take Care JB and you are missed. :slight_smile:

I am sorry to hear that you are having so many problems.

You mention a car accident and being a carer and perhaps the diabetes is “all over the place” is down to stress - or perhaps you not being quite as vigilent as you might be - understandable if you have other people to think about.

Your chest swelling is worrying to you - and worry as you possibly know upsets your sugar balance - and is worth checking out, however most lumps like you describe are NOT cancer, rather they are fatty lumps which are harmless. My Pastor had two and despite it being a bit messy was and still is absolutely fine and we could all breathe a collective sigh of relief! Hopefully yours will be the same.

Some big ones you both have to deal with !..Are you able to get some support help to deal with Johanna’s medical issues ? And glad to read, that you are not ignoring the swelling on your chest and have it being investigated soon .
Glad to see you back here JB ; no more stories in the Dutch Paper either ??!!
Yes, I found a lump in my right breast : fall 1984 and had a mastectomy Dec. 1984 and here to tell the story !! ( diabetes was diagnosed in Jan 1983 ) In my case the mammogram did not show , that I had cancer ; a needle biopsy suggested to have a surgical biopsy performed ( stayed overnight in the hospital ) …shortly there after the removal of the right breast…this 1 1/2 months prior to getting married to Mister P. on Groundhog Day
PS a good old Dutch expression useful ?? : Na regen komt zonneschijn
( >After the rain, the sun will shine<(i.e. Every cloud has a silver lining)

Good to see you posting! Keep up your optimism and try to come back here - it’ll give you that smile that’s so hard sometimes to have, but so needed inside & on the face of caregivers. We caregivers of the world get stressed, and when we’re stressed, almost everything that wouldn’t be a malignancy tries to take over to become one. Hang in there! Get some comic books at the library. Feed your funny bone. And give Johanna our love and encouragement!

Biopsy delayed by one month. So , no news yet.


I am praying for you and Johanna. I hope all is well soon! God bless!

Thank you all JB.