Just in case you are wondering where i am!

Looks not to rosy! I seem to have heart trouble even
more than I thought. Have a test again for arteries in the hospital and
then see my specialist.
Looks like Cardiomyopathy plus Systolic Heart Failure. Not nice at all.
Also painful as well.
Well, I said I insisted on making 80 years old and did it. After age 80
it seems to be open season and anything can happen, even soon. This
proves to me that all during my 50 years of diabetes not having heart
trouble as a diabetic, like the saying goes, “Most diabetics die of
heart disease.” Not planning to die yet but this situation just isn’t
nice to visit on such a wonderful, nice and good looking diabetic.
Just in case you don’t hear from me anymore, I will be playing my grand
piano in heaven, where I already have reserved a room with a view to
kill for. However killing is a No-No up there my personal Angel
Petronella informed me. I thought I let you know before I will not be
able to do so!

For ever yours, JOHNBEN or JB.

Oh Johnben,

I dont know what to say but I do admire the fact that your handling it well that shows what a good person you are and your personal Angel forgot to tell you that something better is coming your way if it was to come to the point that you are no longer with us.
I am feel quite teary to be honest but I pray that you get the best in everything.Thinking of you.
Lots of love hugs and kisses

And hugs to Johanna and your family too ,signed Nel ( short for Petronella…not THE Angel )

You are an amazing man. I do admire your strenght, positive attitude and humor. Heaven will give you a standing ovation I am sure.
I hope you are around for much longer as the world sure needs someone like you in it. Best wishes always.
Robyn xo

Johnben…wonderful and nice are OK, but you might be too good looking for heaven. They’ll let you stay around here a bit longer instead. Know that we are thinking of you. I hope the pain has let up.

Johnben, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with the pain and uncertainty right now. It’s easy to think that sometimes things are just so messed up. But there’s a quote that I like from Albert Einstein that reminds me of you. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I think you have taken the second route. The stories you have shared attest to that, and I can only hope to do as well myself.

I’m joining many others here in thinking of you, Johanna, and your family, and I hope all the news you get in the coming days is only good news.


Johnben, I can’t possibly know what you are feeling right now but I’m so sad for you. I’m trying to perfect the idea of living in the moment because all I have is now.

Hi JB…I sent you a message on DD but I just want to say your strong spirit comes through in all your posts and I know you area strong man. My prayers are with you!!! Please…if you can…keep us posted.



While I hope that this is not the last that we will hear from you… as I will be praying that you have more humour to share with us… I also hope that when the time comes that you must go, that you can do so, in peace. You have shown us that D care is something ALL of us can achieve. The other day, I saw an info piece that indicated that 40% of all T1s are diagnosed with kidney disease by age 50. Well not you JB… and if I have any part of it… that won’t be my son either. God bless you!!!


<>Thank you all for the nice words. Let me tell you, I’m not planning on going “up” there. But under the circumstances it is possible. You see, I’m not at all sure I will go up or down… Waiting for a guarantee!
Anyway I’m not giving up but…


I am so inspired and encouraged by your Strength, Faith and Humour, JohnBen.

I pray for God’s Peace and Protection for you…and that He will ease your pain.

God Bless

Keep on kicking Johnben but not too high…good to hear from you.

You never cease to amaze me!
In so many ways you inspire us!
My prayers are with you.

God bless you always =)

JB, I’m 50 now after being T1 since 23. No critical complications so far but it seems to me that most of the juice I muster up to trudge through this D life comes freom encouragement from those who are senior to me in this game. I hope your pain subsides and your heart rallies (and the docs rally with it!).John, this is one D who has benefited much from your presence on TUD; I just want to thank you with everything I have for showing me it can be done. That’s all, that it canb be done and a little of how to do it.Peace, happiness and prayers my friend! Virgil P.S.: Maybe the good looks have been playing a hand in your longevity; just sayin’! Keep your spirits high, friend

Sending you hugs and positive thoughts.

You do have a guarantee of getting there - whether it’s up or some other direction; probably somewhere like here, but a lot better. That said, I hope you can put off the trip for a while and find there’s a lot more to do where you are.

Hey JB: :slight_smile:

Good to see you but I’m sorry that you are in pain and having heart prblems. I’m Very proud of you. You know, you have done Better than so many non-Diabetics healthwise and out-lived them. I do hope though, that you remain with us and allow us to enjoy your Sweet smile, Good advice, amazing experiences and Fun-loving ways…oh and your Wonderful paintings. Good vibes and Best Wishes to you JohnBen. (((Big Hugs and Kisses!!!)))

Looks like it’s been a few days since you posted. I hope you’re still “here” and not “there.” Sending you good wishes - Cindy

Cindy, I will post the results of 19 April US Arteries check and than 24 April Specialist appointment.
Will post after these happy events. Thanks for your interest.


you inspire me to no extent! you make me not want to give up on this daily battle we lead…keep strong and keep the faith, don’t give up, till you can’t fight anymore! sending hugs and prayers your way!