LDN - low dose naltrexone

I accidentily posted this on the pumpers forum, but this information is important for anyone with an autoimmune disease. I have been hearing about the beneficial affects of a prescription drug called Naltdrexone for some time now. Usually it is related to multiple sclerosis, but it is increasingly credited with helping people with any kind of immunity disease. As with many unpatentable treatments, it does not get much press or support by the medical community. A video has been made by the son of Herman Wouk, which is excellent in explaining how and why LDN works, and why everyone who has an autoimmune disease should look into it. I plan on trying to get some from my physician based on the success Mr. Wouk has experienced. His name is Joseph Wouk, and you can see his video at: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4440379733824898139. This could be a very important breakthrough for many of us who continue to develop autoimmune complications.

i heared about it as well and i heared it is very effective in many other dissorders. jet i am looking for expirience with ldn and diabetes - esspecialy type 1

if you have any information about it - please fill me in as well
thank u

Hi Diana,

I am using LDN myself, but it’s effects tend to show over time, so I have nothing to report as yet. I know several T1’s are using LDN, so hopefully we will have more information on its usefulness in the near future.


Hi Claudia

good luck with Ldn, may i ask how long do u take it, and r there any side effects so far? is there any change in sugar levels so far?
anyone who knows anything about it - please share with us

I am taking it indefinitely. An MS user reported that after using LDN for 15 months, a brain mass disappeared, so the small dosage works slowly. The only effects I have been aware of are more vivid dreams, not a problem in my case. I believe my insulin needs are somewhat reduced, but to be honest, my diet is not constant so it isn’t easy to correlate.

Dr Bernstein in his book Diabetes Solutions recommends low dose naltrexone at 4.5 mg per day to reduce carb craving and overeating. The book says it is successful in about 73% of cases.

This thread looks a bit old, but my son, T1D is now on LDN. I’m writing about it on my blog at www.lifetimelearning.blogspot.com and trying to find research about LDN with T1D.


Hi. Came across this while trawling the internet while trying to find help for my 28 yr old son. Diagnosed with psoriasis and coeliac as a child, type 1 aged 23 and now diagnosed with overactive thyroid- probably auto immune but not confirmed yet.I am desperate to find something other than strong pharmaceticals to help him. I have heard about LDN over many years of reseraching and would love to know how you view it eighteen months after trying it. Would be so, so grateful if you could give me your feed back on this.Thanking you