LDN --low dose naltrexone

My Dr asked me to research & consider starting on low dose naltrexone. I have Hashi’s (& a few more autoimmunes) & she swears this stuff is a miracle. I’d like to hear from someone who actually takes it.

I’ve heard mention of this in groups I’m in for other autoimmune and allergic conditions I have. I don’t know anything about it. Is it a supplement? I’d be interested to know what you find!

In a much higher dose it’s used for opiate addiction. It’s supposed to calm inflammation. I’ve read a couple of studies that show improvement in several autoimmunes.

I was on Synthroid for 2 years with little relief, then switched to WP Thyroid (natural dessicated thyroid). I’m still symptomatic, although feeling a bit better, & my TPO is at 987. I’ve been gluten & dairy free for over a year. At this point I’ll consider anything that might help. I’m just hesitant about taking more meds, especially ones that may make my symptoms worse.

Interesting, thanks for the information. I’m like that with allergies, at my wits’ end. I was also diagnosed with Graves’ in 2015, and will get antibodies re-tested this summer to see what’s up with the autoimmune attack (occasionally it stops on its own, though I’ve shown no signs of that). I’ve heard lots of people recommend gluten and dairy free in the thyroid community, but I was strictly gluten and dairy free for two years before I was diagnosed (due to allergies and eosinophilic esophagitis), so I take that with a bit of salt for myself. I hope that some others will chime in and provide further insight.

@Jen my order was placed at the compounding pharmacy this morning. Hoping it works. At this point I’m open to just about anything.

@tiaE it is whats called a full opiate/opioid antagonist. This means it will knock other opiates (like codiene, morphine, oxycodone, heroin etc ) off of the receptors in the brain and thus preventing them from working. It is used by some ex addicts as it prevents heroin etc from working as it has a far high affinity for receptors than the opiate the person is wishing to stop.This is why it is used in heroin and other opiate overdoses. It also has some success in preventing alcohol, and other non opiate/opioid susbstance abuses.