*le sigh*

I’ve been such a bad diabetic the last few months. My life is upside down still. I’m trying to be better at testing my blood sugars and what not but just havent been in moods to do so. My ex & I still live together. I know, its a bit messed up. Somehow everything works out I guess. I’m temping and it isn’t bring in a lot of money. My mom was paying for my insurance (well, she paid Feburary) and the check bounced (surprise surprise) so I am basically on my own. I do not qualify for medicaid as I do not make 700 a month. I make more! So I have to pay for my current insurance. Without the help of my mom paying, I can not save to get newer hearing aids which I need. So I’m back at being frugal with my supplies. I seem to run out of ideas really. I have contacted my recruiter and yet no word from him (surprise surprise). So I’m just trying to figure stuff out without freaking out. I just feel utterly depressed at the moment.

Has anyone else felt this way in your second year of the disease? I was fine when I first started out but now its just horrible.