Leaning toward the T-Slim

I’m on a trial with Medtronics and the CGM. The trial has ended, but they charged my insurance company the very day they sent out the equipment. I was not happy about that. The pump is not bad, but the CGM is really crazy. For me, it has been nothing but painful and several incidents of bloody insertions where I had to wait an hour to stop the bleeding and then re-do the sensor reinsertion. Lots of lost signals, and calibration errors.

Sick of using the CGM totally. So I’m going to wait it it out a bit and see what happens with the T-Slim and the Dexcon G6 Sensor later this year. I don’t mind getting the T-Slim now, and get the Dexcon G6 when it comes out later this year. I really would like to see the CGM trends on my iPhone/Apple Watch.



I have a t slim and a dexcom. I had problems with dexcom at first with inserting it but it’s easy now… still have a lot of inaccuracy but it’s still a big help and I couldn’t live without it. I think the insertion needle is much smaller than the medtronic sensors. T slim is the only pump I’ll use now due to the safety feature from overdosing the cartridge. I use the contact detach now- if I had stayed with the plastic insets I would probably have given up on pumping.

Hi Meee, is it the G4 Dexcom? Have you had any issues bleeding issues at the time of insertion per chance?

And how long does the Dexcom sensor last? Does it need to be charged?

Thanks for your help!


I’m not sure… it says dexcom with share which I don’t use. I have only had bleeding once and the needle is much smaller. My sensors last from about 1-2 weeks lately… I used to get nearly 30 days out of some of them. The receiver needs to be charged- I charge it every night and charge my pump every day too when I shower.