Lost Dex

Hannah lost her CGM tonight when we went to a play. I don’t hold much hope of finding it but I have left messages with both the theater and the production company. I’m so sick to my stomach over it and Hannah is upset and crying too. I hate when things like this happen. I feel like I give her so much responsibility keeping up with all of her ‘stuff’, but it needs to be with her and she’s not always with me.

Does anyone know how much the handheld part of the Dex 7 costs for replacement?

Shirley...there was somebody in my support group looking to sell theirs because they were not using it anymore..WHICH I CANNOT BELIEVE BECAUES IT IS THE BEST DIABETIC TOOL EVER..let me send an email out and see if they are willing to sell..you can email me at jmurphy AT magsys DOT de

Shirley, I'm so sorry. I lost my dex once, thank goodness someone heard it beeping like crazy in the parking lot where my meeting was and brought it in. I'd called so they let me know. I now stuck a label on the back with my name and phone number, covered with packing tape!

Yes, I've thought about that so much tonight. Very dumb for not having it marked. So easy and never did it. That is my fault. I'm sad for my daughter. I was pretty hard on her and she's only 11. I hate this disease!!!! We have to replace it- even if 100% out of pocket. I just don't know if it's $500 or $1000 and since it's the weekend, I thought I'd check here first to get a ballpark figure.

I believe people have purchased replacements for about $300.

don't know the cost, but I wouldn't go too hard on her.I'm 57 and I've lost and found mine somewhere at least 6 times and I always have eventually found it so don't give up hope that it will turn up. Mine usually falls off my belt where I've been sitting (especially in a car). Retracing your steps works too. What I've done now and recommend everyone do is this, Identify it somehow so anyone finding it can contact you. I took a skinny address label and wrote "THIS IS A MEDICAL DEVICE FOR MY DIABETES- PLEASE RETURN" I put my name and cell number on it. Put a good piece of tape over it so the writing won't wear off. This way you have a chance of someone being a Good Samaritan. I think identifying it as a medical device helps that likely hood. Good Luck

if it's still under warranty, then my understanding is the 'first' lost receiver can be replaced for about 300. If no longer under warranty, then I think it's about 500, or insurance may cover a new one (full kit).
I've heard some folks say they have it covered under their home owners insurance.
Contact Dexcom directly and they should help with your options. Good luck.

Thanks everyone! I'll keep it all in mind, but miraculously it was FOUND!!!! Yahoo!!! Hannah and I both learned from this. First and foremost- LABEL!!!! I can't believe I never thought to put my name and phone number on it! You guys are GREAT! Thanks for always being here when I am in need.
She also let me try a new site tonight. Said she doesn't even know it's there (buttock). Ready for a new day!!

Glad to hear you got your receiver back!

I've got a label maker at work and I'm going to make a label for mine tomorrow. I hope everyone with a Dexcom or a pump takes this lesson to heart and labels their receiver.

Best of luck with your daughter and hopefully this will be a learning experience.


Wish I had a label maker! My label is a piece of paper that says MEDICAL DEVICE, with my first name and phone #s. It's taped on the back with packing tape - lasts a few months :) I also got a set of very flat key finders at Amazon - I keep one in the dex case for when I can't find it.

Played around a little at work and came up with this:

I rounded the corners and put it right below the DEXCOM line and it looks like it was meant to go there! :slight_smile:

I would be willing to make labels for anyone that wants one. Just let me know on the forum here, or shoot me an e-mail at alan.t.rannals@gmail.com.

I am always misplacing Dexie. Sometimes I attach an old 43" insulin tube to Dexie with tape, string it through the silicone opening on the side and then tie the other end to my bra. Placed in my pocket, I never forget to put it back because if I don't then it swings from the chord.