Leg site

Has anyone had the problem of bleeding from your site on the thighs? This is the only place that I have the issue at (also wear on my abdomen and arms). Blood sugars/absorption doesn't seemed to be effected and there isn't really any increased pain just bleeding at the site.

I've had bleeding issues from my arms, but not legs or abs yet.

welcome to tu, this is a great site for information and support. i am i bit leery of leg sites, as jacob has had one or two occlusions there, he has more pain on his legs esp with running and more bruising after but probably more bleeding issues on his arm. he just recently had a bleeder on his arm site after playing football and working out, he had pain then bleeding, we did a bolus to try to flush the canula and he was able to save the site. belly is his favorite, and probably overused site, i wish he would try low back but no go for now. do you put anything over your pods to secure them, jacob uses tegaderm over his arms. best of luck with your omnipod and again welcome! amy

No I don't put anything over my pods. I have pretty good luck with them sticking on their own and I don't play a ton of sports so not a whole lot of need to. Belly is probably my least favorite place mostly because it irritates my skin more so I have more itching. Only time I have knocked any completely off was on the back of the arm and catching a door frame. I have had pretty good luck with it so far (been on it about a year and was on minimed prior).