Length of needle on for a pump inset


I'm sure this have been covered so I do apologize for it but I cant seem to find a good answer. My daughter is 7 now and was dx last May. We are looking into a pump but one concern we have is the length of the needle used to insert the inset. On average how long is it? she is currently using a 6 mm needle for the pen and 8 mm for the syringe. Do you find that it hurts more then syringes?

That's an interesting question. I think that they have different sizes. I was a big syringe fan (long story...) but the CGM needles on the MM Paradigms are pretty intimidating? I am not sure it hurts 'more' but it certainly feels like it has maybe the potential to hurt more? The infusion set needles are not nearly as gnarly as the CGM sensor needles.

One of my high school friends has a T1 2 year old w/ a pump and it doesn't seem to be an issue for them at all. She still has learned to say "no" like the rest of her peers?

I am a Medtronic pump user ( since 2001 ) and after many tries of different cannulas I choose the Sure -T infusion sets ...there are two needle lengths ...one is 5 mm , the one I am using now is 8 mm with 23 in tubing ; stock number MMT-874 ...and no I do not find that it hurts more than a needle ( which I use if my numbers are over 180 and want to bring them down quickly ...well quicker than using the pump ).

You had another discussion going about " pain " and suggestions about " numming( sp ? numbing ) the skin may be useful ?

PS I use the CGMS ; hubby always told me , that I am having a very low pain threshold ...compared to him :) ...yet I have no needle fear for the sensor ...I suppose my mind works like this :" the pay -off is worth it " , who knows .

Remember I am 70 ...your sweetheart is only 7 ! ...you may want to tell her ?

i think mine is 8 mm and really it is fine. I'm not saying it wont hurt. But really as a parent you can help a lot by not focusing on the pain, and instead focusing on the benefits. I strongly suggest she give it a whirl. I think given the right attitude she will love it.

Rick Phillips

If you go with a tubed pump you have more options with infusion sets. If one doesn't work out you can try another. I know that 6 mm cannulas exist even though I use 9mm but I'm an adult with too much fluff. These sets are 90 degree insertions straight in. There are also angled sets which have longer cannulas (I think around 13mm) but you can control the angle of insertion so work really well for places where you don't have much fluff.

I don't feel my pump sites any more than I do needles. Like shots you can hit a tender spot or get bruising but that's very rare for me. If a site is uncomfortable I just pull it and put in a new one.

I use Quicksets, and put them in with an inserter -- there is only a short touch of mild pain, and then it's in and I can't feel it. I use a 9mm cannula, but your daughter would almost certainly do better with a shorter one. Some parents use their child's buttocks, because there is more fat tissue there.

Good luck -- I hope it works well for her!

you might want to consider the Inset 30 which insertsthe consula at about 45 degrees with a teflon cannula that is 13 mm and the needle is just a little longer. it is not painful, for the most part. the inserter helps keep it at the right angle. I find that if my angle is greater than the 45 degrees I am more likely for pain.

My daughter (a thin 10 year old) uses a 6mm cannula. She had to use a 9mm for a short time when the pharmacist sent us the wrong sets (I didn’t tell her) and she found them painful. These are 90 degree cannulas.

I recently went on the omnipod and it is so much better than the shots i was taking. The shots hurt me a lot and i would always get it in my muscle but with the onmipod it inserts itself and only feels like someone is thumbing you. The removal is painless and you only change it every 3 days. There are a lot of advantages with this pump so i would for sure look into it. I am only 16 and i enjoy mine sooooo much! It really has been a miracle for me. If you have any questions inbox me because I would love to help you.

The infusion sets that you insert at 90 degrees have an option between 6mm and 9mm. I use the 6mm and find that the 9mm caused pain or problems with kinking for the plastic infusion sets. (I use 6mm Sure-T which is a metal infusion set that I actually find to be much more comfortable than the plastic ones because it is thinner.)

There are also infusion sets that you insert at an angle (examples: Silhouette/Comfort, Inset 30, etc). These infusion sets are much longer, but don't go in deeper because of the angle of insertion.

The infusion set names vary by brand. If you do start on the pump, I recommend asking for samples of ALL the infusion sets and let your daughter decide which is most comfortable. Some people use one type of infusion set in the rear end, a different type of their stomach/ arms / thighs.

Also, many parents use EMLA numbing cream before inserting the infusion set. As an adult, I don't find the insertion painful (rather it is only rarely painful when I hit a nerve, but then it does hurt). But when I was seven, I'm sure I would have hated it. So numbing cream could be a good option no matter what type of infusion set you choose.