Inserting the infusion set for the first time and maybe a few more questions

Now that I FINALLY have the paperwork in and waiting for my pump to arrive. I wanted to ask this question. And I am sure I will have more as it gets near my time to start the best way to help your diabetes.

I remember when I got my Dexcom CGM I was nervous about inserting the sensor it took me about 5 mins to do it and realized it didn’t hurt one bit. So I wanted to ask about the infusion set. Does it hurt? how do you know its in? Does it feel weird at first? and anything else you can tell me.

I have seen lots of discussions in what infusion sets y’all like. So what do you like and dislike about your infusion set? Would you try a different one? Also is it good to have the different lengths of tubing or is there one you prefer over the other. I am planning on starting with the shorter one as I’ve heard from you guys about it yanking on doorknobs and such. Also pets? I have a lovely 13 year old cat who LOVES anything that has a string attached. So how do I handle him?

I’m gonna stop for now until it gets closer to my time. I want my ping now!

The PING infusion is soooo much easier than the dex ! Depending on which angle you get it may be slightly different but you don’t need to build up the nerves to do it like with the Dex.
Make sure your tubing is underneath your clothes so they dont get caught by your pets or a door handle or anything else because it does HURT when tugged at!
I have the short one and sometimes it can still get yanked depending on if it accidentally slips under a shorter shirt or when you’re removing your shirt while changing.

I’ve had 3 different pumps now - and I second Rachna - pump insertions are so much easier. I use a longer tube because it gives more options on where to carry the pump. Most of that is because I’ve been pumping for 12+ years and have to use alternate sites (back of arms, upper bu**). Even when I used the short tubes I’d occasionally snag it on something - the dishwasher was my worst enemy for a long time (snagged on glass rack at top). You’ll learn quickly when something starts to tug to freeze before you pull it out. My new kittens had to be trained to leave the tubing alone, but they never pulled it out - just tugged a bit and received the wrath of mom…

The Infusion set that is best for you depends a lot on how much body fat you have & which sites you use. There are those that go in at 90 degrees (Inset or Inset2), these come in 2 canula lengths some people find they pull out easier. Then there are the sets that go in at a 30 degree angle, Inset30 has an automatic inserter or Comfort is inserted manually, the comfort comes in 2 canula lengths. You will find which gives you the best results.

They all come with the different length tubing, that depends on your size, I’m 5ft if I used the longer tubing the pump would hit the floor if it came out of my pocket.

So just ask for lots of samples to try. Your trainer should bring examples of the different types of sets, but make sure he/she does so.

I dont flinch anymore with my dexcom insertion. I forget that I am inserting something. It was the first time I did it at the dr’s office. But glad to hear its easier than the dex :). Must remember to keep tubing under shirt so my lovely cat doesn’t get a hold of it.

Thanks for the advice too Daricel :)…I wished I pumped when I was first diagnosed. Maybe I wouldn’t of have to fight as hard as I had to.

I am the same height as you. So I guess I should be glad I am going with the shorter length. My tummy is the cushy part of me right now. My back side is cushy as well. I’ll have to make sure I get different types to try. I want to find the one that will work best for me so I dont hate pumping like I do with MDI.

Congratulations Amy! I was starting to wonder if they would ever get the paperwork in and I know you have been anxiously awaiting that!

Most of the time, I don’t feel anything. When I do feel something it is not that bad. You will be fine!

I started off with the Insets like a lot of other people did. A friend of mine actually sent me some that her daughter was no longer using because she went on the pod so I was able to try one out before I even got my pump. My problem in the beginning with the Inset was the neuropathy in my hands. I messed up a couple sets trying to get them ready. I started having problems with hives and discovered that I was allergic to Teflon so had to switch to the steel sets.

If your trainer at Joslin doesn’t give you some samples of different kinds of sets, you can get those from Animas. You will be assigned to a clinical manager and they can give you some samples to try. Unfortunately until you actually use them, it will be hard for you to know if you like them or not.

I only get the shorter tubing. I did get both short & long ones in the first order I had but I did not like the long. I had one friend that said she only gets long and another said only short. That is probably another thing you will have to decide on. My friend that gets the long likes to lay her pump near her pillow at night so the longer tube helps with that. I keep my pump either on my belt loop or in my pocket so the short ones work fine for me. I had too much tubing otherwise!

I have gotten caught on doorknobs a couple times but it hasn’t been too bad of a problem (knock on wood here!). My cat hasn’t bothered my tubing luckily. She seems to like biting the dog better! My nephew got a remote controlled snake for his birthday – maybe you can get your cat something like that and she won’t bother the tubes!

Here is a link that has a visual guide for the Insets. It is in the 2nd category down. I picked this page since it has the other products on the right if you want to look at those also.{1C2FC5B1-2B45-4267-AA34-E84E1D17E71C}&show=yes

I’ll give the newbie perspective, Amy. You are ahead of the game in that you’ve used the CGMS, though I don’t know what that entails. Two and a half weeks in I am finally getting to the point that I don’t feel I need a cappuchino to do the whole infusion set thing, and I am down to 20 minutes from the hour it took me at first. I mean the whole priming, filling cartridge, inserting process. I also found that the instructions for the full process are in three different locations - the little book, the cartridge insert and the inset insert sheet, which is pretty confusing, so I went and numbered them with which part I follow first, second, etc. It seems complicated at first, but is getting easier. I do still need to read the instructions step by step which I’m sure I won’t do forever. As for the actual insertion I flinched the first time and the second time and then it was no biggie. I find unwinding the tubing, removing the inserter cover, filling the cartridge a lot more challenging; hand/eye coordination are not my best talent!

I ordered both lengths tubing and I like them both in different ways. The short one means less tubing to worry about, but it makes me feel more tethered. The longer one is simpler to just lay on the bed or dresser while I get dressed, but yes, it can hit the floor and I’m 5’6". My trainer did say the pump is pretty sturdy.

Bottom line is I read the whole manual as well as Pumping Insulin but feel I’m learning as I go and when I run into a situation I just post on here and quickly get sever different options! You can only anticipate so much ahead of time.

My trainer isn’t the one who brought me supplies but I ordered them on the phone with the sales person and a whole huge box came with three months worth of supplies, my pump and my meter as well as the manual and the little instruction book, and directions for ordering the ezmanager software and your free skin online. Also make sure you get those little plastic things that you put in when you remove the set to take a bath or shower, I love that option!

I spent the first week going through the manual and programming everything in my pump. Then as I actually used it I changed many things as I learned how it worked as I used it.

Thanks Zoe…So the EzManager is the software that has the food directory??? I was hoping it would come with it as I know I wont be able to afford the program. I’ll have to see what the rep says.

I didnt think I would get that paperwork in either. I’ve been checking my claims on my health insurance page for any updates. None yet. I know Animas has a rep at Joslin and perhaps I can email the rep I’ve been in touch with about the infusion sets in getting a few samples to try out to see which I like. I’m worried about getting the software. That is going to be the biggest thing for me to have. Especially when I have my fav foods going to go in there. My concern about the steel sets is wouldn’t I feel it in there???

oh and the site didnt work :frowning:

Once you get your pump, you call Animas & it is free. You will also get a coupon for a free skin.

oh whew thanks Kelly!!! Its already hard enough for me financially that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get the program.

I can’t get to that page either but here is the one for the Inset. GIve me a minute to find the list!

I answered the software above - that is free so you won’t have to worry about that. They are getting enough for the pump they won’t charge you for that! Yes, ask your rep at Joslin for some samples. I would imagine they would have them. I went thru Animas because I went thru my PCP for the pump.

ok I’ll start with this one :slight_smile:

The links aren’t working so I am not sure how to get them posted!

It’s not just samples, you get three months worth of supplies with the pump: cartridges and infusion sets. When you do your original order where they ask you the color (I know, you’re getting green!!) they ask you what length tubing you want and which kind of sets and you can order all the same or some of each to see what you like. My rep advised me that most people use the 23 " so he got me more boxes of that than the 43 and he recommended the straight in infusion set unless I was very athletic and I’m not.

Until you get the software you just input the number of carbs to do your bolus.

Zoe, I told her to ask for samples of the different sets so she could pick one out first!